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Are dedicated and have been dedicated for decades and their entire lives to kill Americans they're not going away here's your forecast well now through the weekend the Deep South will be experiencing some heavy showers some areas receiving upwards of five inches of rain extending from Alabama into northern Georgia and the Tennessee valley where primarily we will see the greatest amount of rainfall but the system also extends up into the northeast as well for places like Boston we should remain all rain with today's high around forty four in the overnight lows still in the high thirties things will begin to clear late in the day Saturday for Atlanta so expect showers today and part of tomorrow up and down the I ninety five corridor in the south rain for the coast of Washington but we should remain dry down through Oregon and California it's dry in the desert southwest today and most of the plain states with the exception of some snow fall for the Dakotas and at least western Minnesota snow flurries little accumulation today for Chicago there's a look at your national forecast red eye radio I'm meteorologist John trout for these are the moments.

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