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One and only clayton fletcher clayton. Welcome to the chasing poker greatest. Podcast sir how are you. Thank you so much brad. A huge fan. I listened to as many episodes that i can. You crank them out like gangbusters. So i can't quite keep up with you but It's an honor to join the ranks of Your esteemed list of guests so thanks so much for having me. Yeah it's my pleasure. And i will give all the credit to my guests. I lean on them. I just ask the questions. They provide most of the greatness bombs on this show so they make my life alati a lot easier. I can't imagine doing like a monologue three days a week. I think that would be. That's like my worst nightmare. Tell me so. I know that your comedian and a poker player. So i guess. Tell me about how that intersection kind of happened. You know the the story of you getting involved with playing cards and also the comedy. Sure as a boy we used to play. I have two brothers and my mother was a serious poker player herself even had a a fairly high stakes home game at our house. My mother would invite local gamblers. I grew up in baltimore maryland and my mother used to invite people over. And you know nine times out of ten. Take their money. It was seven card. Stud back that. I'm in my forties so my My poker experienced predates the no limit holdem boom that basically took place around the turn of the millennium So yeah i grew up on seven card stud and a little bit of five card draw but not too much of that. Mostly they played stud and My mother would allow my brothers and me to gamble are allowance with her around the kitchen table. My father would play sometimes too but he was a jazz musician and his focus was a lot more on After dinner he just wanted to go downstairs to the music room and practice his base. But yeah so my brothers. And i would stay and play poker with my mom. And she said we didn't have to play for real money but if we gamble are allowance. We didn't get another allowance until the following week. So it's kind of a great way actually a great way to teach children about money and so if you spend your money or lose your money or gamble away your money More doesn't magically fall from the trees so at the same time so my mother was teaching me about poker and also other games. We played a lot of backgammon chess. this french card game called meal born. We used to play quite a bit and usually not for money..

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