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De reports. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announcing he's ready to make another run for president asking you today to be part of an unprecedented grassroots campaign. This news comes as California Senator Kamla Harris made her first trip to New Hampshire distancing herself from Sanders. I am not a democratic socialist in a CNN townhall. Minnesota Senator Amy klobuchar also steering more toward a moderate lane. What we need right now in this country is less of this grandstanding and gridlock Mona Kosar. Aldi ABC news, Washington, California and fifteen other states took legal action Monday, arguing that the president does not have the power to redirect funds. A congress has appropriated for fighting drugs and cartels. President Trump has said that the case will. Wind up before the US supreme court and that he'll win the case. It was his Karen Travers is at the White House with the latest President Trump on Twitter dismissing the lawsuit brought against him by sixteen states saying they are quote, led mostly by open border Democrats in the radical left, California. Attorney general heavier bizarre says the best evidence the state agencies have in their case challenging the president's authority to use a national emergency declaration to secure billions of dollars for a border wall is the president's own words when he said this at the White House last Friday, I didn't need to do this. But I'd rather do it much faster. Karen Travers ABC news, the White House lake oswego police are investigating an armed robbery at a gas station this morning. Katie's Jackie Labrecque says it happened. At the Jetsons food store. I'm Benji road. Deputies basically stayed this guy walked in pointed a gun right in the clerks face and demanded cash assessment then fled the store with a cash on foot. The clerk was not hurt. The suspect was wearing a mask at the time of the robbery. Police are looking over security video Portland. Police arrested a murder suspect at the twenty four hour fitness on Maguire. Boulevard officers spotted the suspect's vehicle in the parking lot yesterday morning. This around at the building and took the suspect Thirty-one-year-old Thomas Cooper into custody without incident. Matthew, Garvan Tulsky news. He was working out. What had happened? I I to.

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