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Elle to the right of what was currently there before the leadership is unusual for stars men will they had a strange particularly eccentric leadership situation vote because they have a as it official leaders name is fawka patria woman a highly educated professional very articulate very eloquent as many of their leaders are in fact many of the leading personalities but at the most recent party congress she made a plea to the party to sort of you moved back to more moderate positions and to reconcile itself with this moderate positions of the these eighty percent of of of centrist we've been talking about but the party kind of held her down it paid no attention at all to recommendations and elected as its form as candidates at spitsyn gundy dutton as they called two quite different figures alexander gallant and ollie's vidon both of whom a thaw plumbers extreme than fog kapita in connecticut on a gallant is of course may recently be notorious for having recommended that a very senior functionary the spd wound cold identity thieves who use should be as he put it he have to cite the german and absorbed knock anatolian that she should be waste extracted back to anatoly our federal israel's wrong turns murrial and absolutely extraordinary language due to find in the public sphere replace like germany with such strong memories of of that sort of language from the nazi period and so on and the fact of is of course that she's a german she was born in germany born in hamburg of her parents were born in turkey that's why she has that name you know it's it's grotesque to these these of people with very repugnant political outlook but since just to talk about the timing of of since the party rejected thorough perched moon towards the motorist center i'm embraced the extreme dot more or less current sides were this moderate up took him a fortune stolen in that the ifp were in the doldrums little a may be at that point it looked like recurring nowhere mess we moved back close to the center and actually they've put their money on capturing met ten percent which is those if they.

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