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And weather on the eights to rob Stallworth in the traffic center. Thanks. Good morning, folks. If you're about to head out about capital Beltway in both Maryland and Virginia, except in Maryland on the inter loop near Route five Branch Avenue we had a crash, described his one off the roadway along the left side. So watch out for that outer loop between New Hampshire Avenue in University Boulevard. The left Lane is supposed to be getting by the work zone there over the northwest branch of the track. Babbling in Virginia. The interlude between gallows road on I 66 the right lane gets by that particular work zone. The this point Hopefully they'll pick it up pretty soon, but still on the loop between gallows road on I 66 the right lane gets by the work zone there. No problems on 66 itself. For now, as you make your way between Gainesville and Rosalind, No issues on I 95 North bound I 3 95. This is after Edsal Road. We have a single left lane getting you back. That particular work zone after that, you are cleared toward, Of course, the 14th Street Bridge traveling in the district looks pretty smooth on the Southeast Southwest Freeway. No problems being reported on I 2 95 or D. C Tu 95 between National Harbor in Eastern Avenue in Arlington Memorial Bridge at Memorials Circle. All lanes are blocked there for the work zone that scheduled until five o'clock Monday morning. As a result, the bridge is closed. Please use caution traveling in the area. Ofyou, GOP reporters or driven life. It's your auto mall shop fits first and save money on New Toyota's Hyundais and Subaru's visit. Fit small dot com That's transparent so you can trust I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o P Traffic Storm Team four's Lauren Rickets, Things sure got cold overnight, Lauren. Oh, they did things to clear skies will mostly clear skies, but, yeah, Little Chile during the overnight hours..

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