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So far i have to say like also non white representation is very minimal on that list so far maybe we'll get into it but on the ten movies we've done yeah i it's it's nil i mean you know it's it's sort of an old school list yet to two thousand seven is that when it came out i mean you know lots changing the best eleven years yeah exactly i mean hopefully they'll be a new list and hopefully that list will move things around you know and for the right ways and i also believe it's like let's bring in a movie that we hadn't been on the list may have come out in nineteen fifty like you know because like ben hur move down to one hundred but it was up in the seventies eighties like in the original list so right you know it's it's i think it's interesting because you also don't want to put on like you won't put moonlight on that list now because it just came out you have a little bit of distance for how does it affect our culture because the test of time yeah you don't want it to be like the academy awards where it's very much like the flavor of the month and right away exactly right yeah and so it's an interesting i hope they come up with the new one yeah it's what i'm going to start doing is listening to your show and watching the movie beforehand because i need someone to force my hand to watch a lot of these fell is because i'm getting to the age now i'm forty seven where i you know not circling the drain but i'm starting to think like i need to i haven't seen fucking casablanca right i need to do that and not watch the hangover again well we all have these movie holes these gaps in our you know it's like we all do every single one of us i mean you know and i feel like it's interesting to kind of follow them up and also then when you see these like apropos to what we're talking about today like watching french connection well this is the genesis of the buddy cop i mean it's a different thing than what lethal weapon is but you can see those seeds and and i think that's kind of fun for me as a movie fan that is more prone to watch you know john wick or something like that you it's fun to go weird that where did that come from the genesis of these things yeah i just watched hotel artists the other night and that hotel artists is a new movie just came out directed by drew pearce and written by drew pearson this is a guy who kind of came up in british comedy circle then got into writing these big giant action movies he wrote ironman three for mission impossible and it just just been attached to big big projects and he wrote a script got on the blacklist and then made this indie movie stars jodie foster and sterling k brown and brian terry henry and just a jeff goldblum assortment of cool people and we'll got me really excited about it was it's an indie movie that felt like the indie movies that were being made in the nineties like by like miramax quentin tarantino being we support this person you know felt like what dusk till dawn felt like you know it's not for everybody it's kind of an elevated b movie that's cool and weird it's like i was saying repo man meets barton fink you know and it's like that to me is so exciting because i feel like indie film now has become like very mumble korea highness stuff and it's so nice to kind of get out of that it's john row which is horror and mumble core and it's like oh i want to see like the action yeah and i think like the appreciation for all that i like you see that movie oh that reminds me reprimand much riva man again i don't wanna watch part and again they hopefully we fuel each other and be like oh if you see casa blanca o eilly now i arrived just other movie for that hannah yeah opens up a conversation within yourself yeah because i mean there i mean how many stories are there what do they say yeah it's like four stories right or something smaller everything is very ation on those eso yeah that's really cool where did.

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