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But nobody who has yet to start sixteen games in the season The closest is leir Who started thirteen for the chiefs as a rookie. In twenty twenty. You might be surprised to learn that it was hilar- had a below average delay as both a runner and receiver in his rookie season. Pretty tough to do that. You know on kennedy's often so that's why it's notable meco harman. There's twenty three years old. So let's nike disrespectful miko harmon twenty. Three you know super fast Did better in efficiency stats although his yards per catch a caption dropped from twenty point. Seven as a rookie to thirteen point. Seven in his second year so he's got to bring that back man so we could you know how these people putting your spit back on. His name are absolutely needs to be there. A second rounder center. Creed humphries tony to He's making things happen Twenty twenty third round pick who acted out his rookie. Season is lucas named. So we'll see what he can do at right. Tackle coming up this upcoming season. Hopefully can you know. Really make a standout willie. Gays expected to stem into a larger linebacker. Row at the age of twenty three He's been holding down a pass year and is old past two years But he'll need to clean up his tackling. He's twenty two percent missed. Tackle rate of last season was ninety. Second out of one hundred twelve qualifying linebacker so definitely need to stop missing tackles his past coverage with strong in limited you know limited sample also in pass coverage unlimited samples was twenty four year old. Cornerback legit Snead somebody else keep an eye on so they got guys they gotta make a bigger splash. That's all it is number. Twenty eight Is the indianapolis colts. They were number fifteen. Back in twenty twenty So somebody else wound down a little bit Some of the Guys that we are looking at for the future for them are Obviously running back. Jonathan taylor and edge rusher kuwaiti pay a notable graduated players that have made their way into the light of being veterans quinton nelson. The guard. one of the best guards was unfortunately into right now off. Its tackle brandon smith. Strong say safety car re willis in cornerback rock. Esn a dope name by the way a lack of first round picks Knocks down the colts in the rankings Dating have enough opportunity. I guess the coast traded down to the second round in twenty nineteen in the now twenty five year. Old rock esn They traded their first round. Pick for divorce. Buchner in twenty twenty So this year's first round pick twenty two year old age eighty pay is the only first round who counts as under twenty five for the colts. pay is joined on the defense By twenty-three-year-old safety julian blackman. Who started fifteen games as third third round rookie. A year ago. Blackman was willing you know. Was it willing tackler in. Showcasing made things happen For sure so kudos number. Twenty seven the seattle seahawks. They were ranked number twenty eight last year so up just a little bit blue chip Decay metcalf at receiver guard. Damian lewis notable graduated players are strong safety. Jamal adams that they were able to pick up last season as russia. Eljay colour and defensive tackle. Puna forward Metcalf is of course a Complete demon Dynamo d- dynamic Look he's everything. Finishing fifth in receiving diy our last season with one thousand three hundred and three receiving yards and ten touchdowns he turns twenty four in december The seahawks spent this year's top draft pick a second rounder on another wide receiver. Dwayne egregious who was the favorite sleeper on A lot of people lists However the twenty four year old esque ridge is nine months older than metcalf Who's already been in the league for two years. So you know you could see where that were. That could be an interesting dynamic moving forward. Excuse me Just to say seattle was a teen that. I don't think we ought to worry about philip. They put people in the right place at the right time in upgrade their systems when need be so What they have right now is really solid on all fronts. And they will start investing. I promise you very soon on getting a couple more new guys here. Like don't be surprised in the next year or two that they really do go hard When it comes to the draft. But then again i guess really just give some crazy people in there had to be somewhere on a lower the in so we'll take a look maybe the maybe they'll just you know. Make some traits happen to get some pigs or low balsam pigs and stuff like that. I wouldn't be surprised to happen. Number twenty six goes to the new orleans saints. They were number twenty one last season. Slight drop here. Blue chip players are guard. Caesar ruez center. Eric mccoy aged rusher payton turner. A notable graduated players is the gritty Cornerback marshon. Lattimore one of the best in the game there They got him sitting pretty on here. Man a great area mccoy's twenty four. Just finished his second season as the center in New orleans ruez is twenty two and moved into the starting lineup at right guard last year in week. Four sports info solutions. Change mkhori charged mccoy with only one sack allowed in twenty twenty while ruez had zero one. Eight zero goodness gracious and the saints. Let the nfl as a adjusted line yards on runs up the middle so these blockers are just getting it done. A young body strongman. I'm very impressive. I love me some all. Live in really talking about what they do. And how impressive. It is because they had to go at it every single down every single day. Number twenty five number. Twenty five is the philadelphia eagles. They rent twenty nine last year. They came up a bit because they got some great weapons First off the quarterback jalen hurts is under twenty five. They have him expecting things to get better not worse as he grows They picked up. Devante smith in the draft issue and a guy jalen radar Notable graduated players from this is derek. Barnett edge rusher. But like i said philadelphia's young talent starts with the skills position players But a couple of those players definitely need to show more production on their. You know their second season jalen hurts. He's twenty three years old. Didn't have enough pass. Attempts to qualify for espn's keep your ranking but his qbr of forty one point two would have ranked him next to last On the list wide receiver jalen radar as twenty two ranked eighty third of eighty-seven qualified wide receivers in delays Lining up across firm radar This year will be heisman. Trophy winner.

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