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Etc. And i remember playing against them. Rows with the jets. And here's what the chargers and played a couple times against each other and it. I couldn't make has details of if he's trying to be cool guy this how he is or you know what. What's the deal with them and You know after we start having many kamson and then we go into training camp. And then i realized that he is the real deal man he he is. Awesome the real deal. Yeah it was a commitment. Was it verbal was it just. I mean certain guy. You know jonathan. There may be four guys in the locker room that our leaders now that that the locker room can have all sorts of talent. What wasn't about his leadership. He was when you talk about the process you know diving into the process fall in love with the process. He's always the first person i think of view was the shining example of falling in love with the process. You know great story. I have is when talking about many camping training camp. When we do our walk throughs we would have the walk through and all five receivers go out on route. He would throw it to one receiver. Let's say it was marcus colston. And then he would literally go and vision himself throwing up the other four receivers and not just like alright a slow little throw. It was as if he were still. He still had the ball. And with douse. The i read. And he would move his feet. He gets shoulder square. He throw ball elbow up everything and he did this every day for six years. I was there for six years. And i know he's still did it when i wasn't there and it was when i couldn't believe it. And then you you talk about the process of being there. The first one there all the time and the the way that he approached the game never got too high on the highs. Never too low on the lows it was always about the process fallen off the process and he was that guy made a shining example of it. Yeah we were talking about free agency in seven biggest contracts in the last few years none of them hit. And i always said i don't love the messaging for free agency that i'm gonna bring a guy into my locker room and pay more than ninety five percent of my locker room. What am i telling my current players. And i i wouldn't at fox did that and brought somebody in. I would ask the same question in your career in the nfl. Did you ever sense that. Words like menu won't pay this guy but you're paying a guy from another team that does it sometimes rub guys wrong way. It rubs guys the wrong way when you don't know the other intangibles of that player on if you have a great leader in the locker room in the i think this is the part. That's always missed by or the disconnect between front office and players and coaches. You can have a guy that he may not be the top player at his position but what he does for the rookies how he keeps everyone in. Check the the intangibles value that he has a leader. That's what the guys start to question because you're not just taking away good player. He's obviously good because is in the nfl. You're removing that leader. And now you bring in a big money guy and we question as players. Okay what is he gonna bring to the table. Besides the athleticism right. You can say okay. He's making plays. That's great but if he's a headache if he's always late if he doesn't practice are if we have to sit here and constantly baby him to get out there and play. It's like you should have just thrown that money back at the guy we had previously and fortunately never with the saints. I never had A scenario like that it was. We drafted well. We did well in in free agency. Didn't have to let go of you know really solid guy to bring in someone a headache so that that didn't happen but i can imagine going against the or not going against but Being with guys that you had a relationship with them and you know they bring to the table as far as leadership and then all of a sudden. They're gone because of the money. And then now you're bringing someone else and it's like you thought you did better and you really didn't because all the other things off the field are headache force. You know. it's funny. Russell wilson seattle. There's a lot of rumors and joy join. i are takeaways. Listen brady and belichick never went to dinner once in twenty years. Get over it. Who says you have to love your boss. I mean i'm sorry but pete and rosser good for each other. I mean let's be honest. John didn't probably love every defensive coordinator. I mean there's tension in locker rooms between players and coaches all the time. Isn't there of course that's what i love about football because it teaches you and it's similar to the game of life you don't act to love everybody in this whole coon by. Everyone thinks it's like coon by day in the locker room for teams. That are winning. Oh man of course you have issues. Yeah problems like when we won the super bowl. I remember on our run to the super bowl. We had multiple fights in the locker. No no joke. Multiple fights in the locker room. And you know what. You view squabble. It out and you know things happen and then you move on right because that. That's what family does. A real family is not always sitting there. Everything's on the up and up and it's all good real families. They have issues they have squabbles. They have visas. They figured out they talk through it. Sometimes they fight through it but at the end of the day. They don't let it affect the main goal. And so when you look at wilson an mp. Carol yeah okay. They don't like each other so like you said who cares. They figure out a way to win. They want a ton of games together. Russell wilson's one of the best quarterbacks in the game p the best coaches in the game they found a way to make it work and really the only people making worse are us right the media. We're the ones still talking about it because we're not in that locker room understanding those dynamics. Hey what does circling back to new orleans. James is very productive. Passer takes some is a very quirky natural athlete. Although to me doesn't feel like sixteen seventeen game franchise guy if you had if you had to guess today who's their starter next year james and that's what it feels like to me jason. I watch taste him. So what always happens with new quarterbacks four or five games to have last success and then you'll see them kind of You know. I don't wanna say falter. But they kinda just don't have as much production and all you need is a defensive coordinator coaches players on the defensive side. You need time to watch film on right and now you can start to break them down and now you gain tendencies and now you know k. Tasting hill third and shore. It's a sweet sweet sweet. We already know this right. We already know i. It's taken down. If he's gonna pass is going to be either a deep ball or it's going to be three outside right so when you start to learn these these little tendencies of the players now you can start to really game plan for them. And so that's when i look at the longevity of tasting hill you can gain platform after about five or six games and it's going to be the same stuff and it's gonna be real easy. The problem is really chimera. And michael thomas so when i look at james winston i seen them have success. He threw for five thousand yards. Yes he led the nfl interceptions. But he's still do for five thousand yards. And that's after everyone had seen film matra film tape after tape of what he can and can't do. So if you look at the quarterbacks that sean payton this ad in his career and i know we look at him and drew brees a lot and drew brees. They'd throw interceptions at times. I would find it. Very very hard to fathom jameis winston going out there and throwing as many interceptions as he did with the bucks. And i'm looking saying cut that in half let's get him down instead of thirty interceptions fifteen interceptions with five thousand yards. That's a damn good.

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