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It's Friday July twenty sixth two thousand nineteen good evening I'm Roger plumber right now it here fair skies and eighty degrees seventy eight along the lake front we expect a low tonight of seventy what the complete accu weather forecast coming up but first our top local stories one news radio WBBM the CTA aspired to train operator who was at the controls a month ago when a woman was struck and killed on the tracks the CD is released a video from a camera inside the driver's compartment appearing to show the train operator laughing and pointing outside the train in the seconds before the train hit the woman on the red line tracks at sixty ninth street thirty seven year old full lawn Smith had gone into the tracks to retrieve the cellphone she had dropped hundreds of Illinois National Guard soldiers are heading to Afghanistan in the largest combat deployment of only guard troops since two thousand ten W. B. B. M.'s Jim goodness reports Illinois National Guard lieutenant colonel brand Layton says about four hundred soldiers will spend about a year in Afghanistan the value of the first battalion one seventy eight your regimen is headquartered in Chicago and has units and Barton will Elgin kinky Woodstock and Joliet the soldiers first had to Fort Bliss in Texas and will arrive in Afghanistan in late September just as Afghanistan plans to hold a presidential election and as peace negotiations with the Afghan Taliban continue Jim got us news radio one oh five point nine FM tens of thousands of Illinois families could lose their food stamp benefits under proposed new federal rules the USDA which administers snap the food stamp program says many people get food stamps when they quote clearly don't need it the trump.

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