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Them entry under president under pressure from the president he says they hate Israel there and I somatic and I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge we're great disloyalty congresswoman Ilan Omar Minnesota and Rasheeda to leave of Michigan both Muslim been critical of Israel during a session with reporters Mr trouble to address the economy White House correspondent Ben Tracy the president says he's not worried about a recession even as his administration is trying to figure out ways to prevent one options include a payroll tax cut that would benefit most workers or a cut to capital gains taxes which would mainly help wealthy investors Mr trump is canceled a planned visit to Denmark after the prime minister called his plan to buy Greenland absurd CBS news update I'm Peter king K. CBS news time for thirty two let's talk more now about the president hinting at what he might do about heading off a possible recession Paul reed has more from the White House let me tell you number one we're doing very well as an account president trump downplayed fears of a recession but he confirmed his administration is considering ways to stimulate the economy to avoid one payroll tax is something that we think about and a lot of people would like to see that Congress is unlikely to enact such a measure especially ahead of the twenty twenty election but a strong economy is key to the president's reelection pitch the trade war with China is feeling concerns about an economic downturn the biggest issue is to de escalate when it comes to trade wars trade wars are very unproductive and it's not clear what the goal is a study released Monday shows that seventy four percent of top economists expect a recession by twenty twenty one the fact is somebody had to take John on the president's terrace on China have put a strain on the American consumer according to JP Morgan currently costing the average household six hundred dollars per year and could go as high as one thousand dollars by the end of twenty nineteen the steel industry is back it's doing great despite the president's claims that the steel industry has been revitalized on his watch the terrorists on foreign steel imports he put in place last year have devastated US steel which is lost nearly six billion dollars in value since that has meant temporarily laying off about two hundred workers near Detroit that is Paula read reporting this morning we're learning more about Jeffrey up scenes final days three new lawsuits would indicate that have seen and his associates allegedly use the financial worries of girls and young women to lure them into a web of sexual abuse and the new will was filed just two days before F. sting killed himself in a Manhattan jail CBS news correspondent mulling he has an update Stan Pottinger represents twenty Jeffrey Epstein accusers including the three women who filed civil lawsuit all of them are against the abstinence state and various companies that he had as part of his scheme or send a kid or the organization that he had that helped him round up girls the lawsuit brought by Lisa dough claims and have seen associate hired Lisa than seventeen to teach a dance based exercise classes abstains townhouse in later interactions abstain allegedly solicited massages used a sex toy on her for some and ultimately demanded that she go to her dance studio and find other dancers the lawsuit filed by Caitlin go alleges abstain sexually abused her when she was seventeen and coerced her to lose her virginity to him after she turned eighteen it also claims abstain forced her to marry an associate who wasn't a U. S. citizen so they could stay in the country to recruit more girls and a lawsuit brought by Priscilla Joe who was twenty when she first met Steve is the only one to name his purported ex girlfriend turned business associate delay Maxwell Priscilla claims Maxwell taught her the proper way to sexually please Epstein while on a trip to his island in the Caribbean and alleges esteem at one point confiscated her passport so she couldn't leave the island voluntarily Priscilla's lawsuit also mentioned some of Epstein's powerful friends she says she wants met the sultan of Dubai with that city and on another occasion was forced to serve hors d'oeuvres at a private party Epstein had with director Woody Allen all three lawsuits take game at Steve's fortune which is will file two days before his death reveals to be worth nearly five hundred seventy eight million dollars at Steve's brother mark is the only listed air after apps teen suicide the criminal sex trafficking charges against him effectively died Pottinger says good that pursuit of justice is very much alive but I think the government well it has been taken off track briefly by this untimely death I think that they're not giving up Elaine Maxwell is not charged with a crime has denied recruiting women or any wrongdoing for I've seen in the past these new lawsuits come after Attorney General William Barr he removed the acting director of the bureau of prisons amid mounting evidence of irregularities at the facility where Eckstine was held mall lanky reporting this morning the Democratic National Committee is holding its summer meeting in San Francisco tomorrow through Saturday the event will be held at the Hilton Union Square and while many twenty twenty presidential candidates will be there a couple will not the judge will be campaigning on the east coast and Joe Biden has decided to sit it out he will campaign in New Hampshire the bay area conferences the Democrats last before primary voting begins in the spring and crowds of people showed up in Tahoe in El Dorado county for the twenty third annual Lake Tahoe summit senator Dianne Feinstein served as the events host and governor Newsome was the keynote speaker two main topics were climate change and fire prevention a look at traffic and weather coming up in just one minute and then we'll tell you about a new.

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