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He's he's a fighter who's waiting to be exposed and I'm not sure if you can do that training and and Ireland like. The Geek the guy. Much. Like RV enough like when you look at Ryan Garcia, there's like this. Okay. You're in this group and then for a second I was like he's okay but he's not like the other guys in this group he's not. He's not Devin Haney. Too. But then he moved camps. And it wasn't just as dad training that he goes to team Kamilo and everything and he took. Five jumps. From being with rain. So yeah. So it's possible but comma has to them wanted to make those times. forgotten Tyson fury old trainer. But I think you'd benefit if he trained with him who've been Davison Ben Dave's. I mean. So it's not too far down. England trained with guy. Tongue, but then we have zone. Coming up. As. Well, on Saturday more towards the night and we have. On that court management. Like. Left home. To See Training yes. Gets a great camp. Behind good and you see that talent take another John. And he's He's a whole different beasts do. It I don't know if he's Calling him a big Loma Chango lofty. But what you can see to be a very small sick. I can see the comparisons because. Footwork. Yet. So it's like, ooh, sick like a smaller like that may imagine while cuts angles and he hits like a truck and he's only had a few fights like Loma Janko. But he looks amazing and The sky's limit limited. And vegetables aiming the main event. But I've is everybody the washing zone this weekend it's GonNa be tough 'cause I'm not telling anybody to not watch the UFC cards this weekend but if you got two screens utilize them if you've got three watch everything Jesus Christ I don't know that was coming swag. Listen, to humility would say I use all the humility to open the show now's done. That's it we're. Back. At four it's overweight seeds I got my three screens but then I. Really, like laptops in my office desk green. But I highly advise people to watch both of those shows also plug myself because by the time a lot of you listen to this, it'll be close to happening if you watch the zone cards this weekend. You'll see something that's very near and dear to me I'll just say that. And when you see it, you'll know it and you can tweet at me and say, Oh, that's what he's talking about. I can't tell you what it is yet. But it's very some this very important to me. That's going to be in that Tulsa car but the disown card, it's card into the main event. Cecilia breaking and just GonNa Casco, which is kind of like a makeshift tournament to determine the number one women's POW POW fighter in the world winner that is supposed fight the winner of the Katie Teller Delfin soon rematch that's on August twenty second. Amandus Ronald. Obviously for those who didn't know, they couldn't come to terms with the deal. Then there's always is kind of feeling like the outsider now because she's the number, one women's fighter sees understand how you do this and not having include. Because it's not as easy to make right like break. WHO's is a fighter who is thirty-six? If she wins this fight she breaks Joe Lewis's record for most title defenses ever, which is insane. Even think about. But she's. She came from Norway and then the band boxing in Norway and she had a fight like all these like holes in the wall across the globe, and then she got a big audience, but she wasn't familiar with American audiences. And she's like got this tremendous record as an she's. Hurry, Clarisa probably the two best fighters in the world right now and they Kinda WanNa fight each other and they gotta get through this. No tournament I the failure caressing I think Orissa's is bigger than all of them. Like. She's she she's not cutting down. No, she's she's because she's just big and she's begging strong and I'd like to see her. To News for the record, I love just GonNa Castle I think she's really good. She's not beating Cecilia breakings. Mechanical lost pretty handling you Taylor about two years ago. She still has a job as a part time bakery too well yes it's an investment banker. So anybody who is still has a job and guess even including St Steve. This it's Kinda hard you the best in the world. I? Don't know how debate doesn't I give them a ton of credit for that. He looks like half of himself right now I don't know what we'll talk about it. The second this is the thinnest I've ever seen them I don't know if. I can figure it out either. But yeah like Cecilia to me. Record, everything is great. Go Up to one fifty four. Dare to be great. There's no. Other fight I think right now that can shatter that Barry of what we've been talking about for weeks. Now, women should have equal rounds, equal time limits all that stuff those two have proven that they can handle. That's a fight that can be twelve round three minute rounds. I think the smart thing to do right now because they do have this tournament, it makes sense of breaks wins Katie, Taylor wins a huge women's fight huge. Do No push know even thought. She lost the original. She Lost Person I. thought she wants pressings well. So he's gotTa make good on. CBS stuffing personal. And Case Hill. Burqas from the whatever. If it's not the winner doesn't fight Clarisa she goes in it probably be a ronal but one way or another we gotta get to winter. Find Course we have to determine who's the best woman in the world is within the next twenty, four months we have to. Can't let me Toronto's crazy so. Are, you believe she should it would go to four. She cleans out everyone else. Everybody I love. What does she like seven division? She just rampages through divisions yes I, think ridiculous. So it's like if push pushover either. I think Serang Obese Katie Taylor. She might cames. Katie's pretty good Sorrento and I'm not just saying this because we're both Puerto. Rico. and. I have to root for all Puerto Ricans by nature but. she's the real deal. So that, that'll be interesting. We'll. We'll see this is great for boxing. I can't remember a time where it was vis good. Injury. Yeah, it stack top to bottom. plenty of plenty good fight..

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