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US at least fifty five dollars a fifty percents bonus up to a thousand bucks winter. We'll be picked from the badge of people who sign up. Go get them tickets. Get some action this week and have fun be saved bet online dot. Ag Anything else you WanNa talk about before we get on here freestyle it. Yeah we got going on for the holidays. I wish it's always wish we actually saved that for Christmas episodes. Yeah we do a little bit of business this entire Mike in your mouth. Nope you know. That's funny that you bring that up because I watched an episode of impulsive. So Paul Brothers Logan Paul his podcast he had had riley read on as a guest and she actually deep throat. It entire microphone like this on video. Very impressive lose Riley. I'm coming. I'm accidentally coming up with Logan. Paul Talbot's Great. That's exactly what he doesn't know who Riley read on just everyone I know she's Jared Damn Story. I wish I fucking the first time we recorded Khalifa. She came into the studio first time we ever recorded with her never met her before. Pretty starstruck most famous person. I've ever met the if you're being recognizable starstruck both of you. I mean he had Jordan in the room but she sat down in in fake deep. Eight thirty the microphone. I basically shit my pants it was. It's not the it was something else. Yeah but she did. What also Paul Brothers? One of them box. That's what they're doing they're they're creating their crushing it at being hateful though right. That's the that's the big more money than us. So uh-huh yeah here's how here's how it kind of works but a lot of really shouldn't we wanNA people have more money than me. Let's compare the Paul Brothers two Trevor Wallis. The Paul Brothers. Don't trash him. Because I'm a reach. Doc Who Trevor Wallis the guy we talked about earlier. I'm not I told you I liked him. Okay yeah don't reach out. Here's how here's how it works. The Paul Brothers book everybody or hateful on camera and in real life. Trevor Wallis is intentionally Hegel on camera at to be funny and he's probably a Nice Guy Trigger Wallace like Jacob Sagittarius Various Times Dude. He's he's a comedian. Meeting a Youtube Star makes talk. Who Deal is him? Being a huge comedian does kits and stuff. He's he's like he's always funny. As I guarantee I guarantee somebody who's spoken the exact sentence you just spoke to describe me median Youtube adduce bag. But he's a Nice Guy Douchebag but like he makes jokes not he's kind of like a comedian. How does that make you feel? He's a fabulous. I don't really give a shit care about labels anymore. I'm fully aware of no. I'm thirty two years old. Man He said earlier. You're sick of the the FRAT label since two thousand fourteen. Yeah he's thirty two. Yeah Yeah Mold. He's been out of the FRAT life for ten years realistically. You should stop caring about your fraternity at the age of twenty two. Well you know fraternities don't even matter or sororities outside of college in fact none of the things you'd you're GonNa Matter Beyond College not for all of you but y'all know my take on this if you're in college forest Pacific career path like you're going to become a nuclear fucking scientists. Earn your case a journalist. No Mike Yeah exactly so then and yes you need to pay attention and you need to learn their stuff. There that you're going to carry with you. That Shirley will be helpful. I guess everybody else for me for first of all. If you're in journalism school nothing you learn will no matter by the time you get out anyway because that's not how the world works like everything I learned in journalism school. By the time I reached year. Three of my career was worthless because we learned about newspapers and how to write articles for print newspapers and inch and again. I'm aging the fuck out of myself like you know within three years of me graduated from College College. If you're looking for a job at a newspaper it's because you literally didn't have another option no offensive journalists out there but that's not the Gig it's not and Somebody's got to do it. But it's not the GIG especially in two thousand nine hundred thousand for people who are passionate about it. It's not it's not time now to thinking of like real you're hardcore journalists not real San. Marcus yes I'm talking about kids. It get out of Texas date or get out of Mizzou. There's thousands of them in every class scattered across the state and they become local journalists at newspapers reporting on like the Squirrel. Did they dress up as Santa input on skis or whatever every season and that's not journalism career path for like an attractive girl who's very outgoing and loves to be in front of a camera and speak and whatnot. Why does grow on that a boy yeah? Aj Jay you really showing your colors My not being inclusive here. Yeah no you're not at all. What about an attractive boy? I'm going to try to boy. I go do some journalism now. Aj says now hot chicks six only for the news Aj. I mean it seems like that's the the way the industry is heading right. It most certainly is and that's as a result of mostly creepy white dude's being taught us. I mean that's just I'm just saying that's what it is. You can even turn the to our local station K.. Exam I love I love how this is still a thing that we're not allowed to like for real. You don't see an unattractive reporter porter on. ESPN that's what. I'm saying. They don't run out like a run of the mill. Average looking woman to do sideline reporting. They're like oh you got this. It'll be like you like Erin Andrews or something that Bro. It's usually somebody who could have been a lingerie model on the side. We don't know what do you mean Aaron and for everybody who's what does that mean uh-huh no you're familiar with. Well Yeah but you said it like Oh you specifically now Erin Andrews like what. If you're offended. This is the way it has been forever in. It's not a matter matter of I mean this is. This is definitely one of the things that people are working to fix as we speak. That is a field all of entertainment. Hollywood journalism equality. Now I'm speaking to the fact that women specifically for literally the entire existence of on-camera entertainment have have been cast or hired based on mostly looks. And that's obviously not fair. Yeah or good so at the same time. Like people aren't really complaining. You know what I mean. I can assure you that they are. Yeah who's leaning out of people leaning hot women who aren't both sides of the coin. Take the viewer like me. Looking at the attractive girl on March is part of the problem. Yes much very much they probably essentially. Aj You have caused the gender gap issue in in the United States. Almost single male chauvinistic pig or anything. But let's too late. I guess that's my stick. Now Yeah no you might as well be Jason Derulo at this point your that deep into real-life stiffler for for the past few minutes. I'm just going back through more catch reviews and I wish I could just keep reading his for another hour by the way. James Boleyn who is now are we are supporting him his. I am I'm moving on North Western Wisconsin and voting for him. James Boleyn Republican Republican of a native of Park Falls. I don't typically. I'm announced tie I'm a non-party person. Remember yet does I might know first of all. He's challenging the incumbent. ACCUMBENS Senator Janet Buea for the Twenty Fifth District. But he's a cable businessman cable businessman so now we know what kind of duty is. Okay okay okay. I just pulled video title. James Boland the wrong choice for northern Wisconsin play. It's an anti smear campaign. It's this is a regular smear campaign right for James. Yeah there's people are smear Jane this is it's from Greater Wisconsin. The Greater Wisconsin Committee which I'm sure is some sort of democratic pack or something. Do you want to read this or now. Do we not want US marines. Man I want to present both sides of the coin you know. What if this guy's got some bad views that we don't agree with and you're promoting him? Yeah he really a quick please man. nazi-support says it says he'd work against Northern Wisconsin. He'd take money out of schools right here. Cutting up eight hundred million dollars from public schools and sending it to private schools in places like Milwaukee. He supports the Foxconn deal. Places like Milwaukee I love that fuck Milwaukee Northwestern Wisconsin's like fuck Milwaukee He. He supports the Foxconn deal. That's that's pretty divisive. A wow Do you know anything about that. Oh No it's not great it's about Fox's no it it was. The trump gave the deal to China to open that factory in Wisconsin For US jobs and then now they kicked a bunch of people out of their homes eminent domain and then they didn't ever meet the factory and it's just chilling dirt so James Bowen supports that. Why James We've got your back or whatever we're GONNA try to help you out here but we're we're gonNA need to rethink that for that particular? Stand doesn't really make sense. Let's run your campaign so those are that's at least you know he's maybe he's got awesome. Good ideas maybe problem. That was problematic. Now it's not great that being said look it's not about the short-term jared we're GonNa Take James Boleyn and tournament of the candidate we deserve served. That's that's how we got a phrase Klay. We're GONNA fucking shape this man into the politician that we need mostly by twenty thirty. That's exactly what we need. Buy Generic White Guy with a fucking bald head by thirty by twenty thirty. We're GONNA have James Bowling in a position to be running for president of the the United States. He's going to be our figurehead to use this most importantly What's his stance on marijuana? He's not giving there you go out there sort of whoever's in the White House is not going to have an effect on whether or not I smoke weed or how I get especially at this point. This is the statement. Let's just talk about this. The politics of this James Bowl in the James Bowen has failed the two thousand eighteen to full innisfail. The two thousand eighteen political courage tests. uh-huh Damn Dude. He failed the political courage test. Jared but I heard he retook it in twenty nineteen and got an a he was endorsed by the NRA Nahra okay. Every every Republicans endorsed rated ninety three percent by them. I'm trying to find more stuff here. A very high rating. Why are you ruining James? Boleyn four is. We didn't even get out the back of the show before you turn them into a slight trying to tiptoe through this in a non-political way it's early basically impossible and also it can't be.

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