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I feel no soreness Toby and chilly in the morning 97.1 Wash at them. A Wednesday, April 28th in the nation's capital. Thanks for waking up with us. Now imagine you're talking about soreness in your arm. Because as part of the clinical trial for Novavax, you went in for another shot yesterday. Yes, I did. As I sip my coffee live on 97.1 Wash FM. People think we tape this showing advanced crazy. Yeah, I went up to Baltimore to the center vaccine development, which is where I've been going because the University of Baltimore is overseeing the entire clinical trial, and I got this sense like we're rounding the corner and we're almost done because what happened yesterday was shot one. The blinded crossover, which means I don't know if I got a placebo or the actual vaccine, But I'm telling you, I feel like I must have gotten the actual vaccine months and months ago because whatever they put my arm felt different than, um What they put my own The first time like there was some tenderness and soreness. And, like a little bit of like something something after the first shot after the second shot, you guys remember I wasn't feeling that well at all. Well today this morning. I mean, it's just like nothing. Not even like if I go. You know, I couldn't do this. Like Pat. My, you know, armor, my shoulder where the injection point was s O. I think I got The saline solution, and it's interesting to me that I know it's a blind study, and it has to be a blind study. But at this point they won't tell you which one you're getting. Right. Well, you know why they're not telling me it's because of safety and science. See all of these vaccines, all of them that are out there right now. They've been made available faster than usual. And the Novavax vaccine by the way, shout out to know Vex and Gaithersburg. If you're listening, Thanks for the work you guys do. If they get emergency use authorization in the next couple of weeks, which is the rumor there. Vax will be available sooner than normal. So what they need to do is preserve the integrity of the data. Because this way we don't know so we can't skew the data, which means that the data that they have is actually safer for all of us. So you're going to go back for another shot in a couple of weeks and maybe shot number two of the placebo, But either way, you're gonna know you're fully backs one way or another, apparently. Don't know this to be true. But apparently I will leave in a couple of weeks with a vaccination certification, Not a card, but a certification. I'm looking forward to seeing what this looks like. Well, I'm glad you're feeling well, if you'll excuse me, I need to go take my temperature so I can record it in my digital diary. Speaking of appointments, Chili, I understand you have an appointment of a different kind later on today. Yeah, with my therapist, and it's one of those conversations, you know? Look forward to having you know, scaling back your dates with each other. The anxiety you must be Feeling going into something to help you with your anxiety over the irony, Tell us more minutes Pour for four. It's 97.1 Wash. Happens, Stay with Toby and chilly in the morning traffic.

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