The Pros and Cons of QR Codes Replacing Restaurant Menus

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Grown virus pandemic ushered in the instantaneous widespread use of qr codes restaurant industry. Experts think technology will stick around long time after the health crisis ends according to cnbc. You don't qr stands for quick response. There you go see. You've learned something and it's not halfway through the program invented by japanese in nineteen five to keep track of car parts. Mainstream saw the entry of qr codes years later. A smartphones with cameras took over. But not 'til they pandemic forced businesses to double down on a sand on sanitizing. The became ubiquitous sight inside bars and restaurants instead of paper menus but aside from being able to update instantly when there are supply shortages which is the declared reason restaurants like using your codes. There's the little thing of qr cords because enable restaurants to gain data on everyone who sitting at every table because everybody has to have their own menu. Thanks restaurant thanks. Japanese engineer

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