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And then there were other places in the city. We could drive to, but we felt that that was a great location to be centered in. And were you finding out through Airbnb or through some local site or how did you find out? Through Airbnb. Yep. We did use Airbnb and we did use some local connections for some of the lodgings we did when we were there as well. But not that one. That was Airbnb. We found the Airbnb's where we had good luck with them. The quality of them were described accurately. It was a little bit more rustic. If somebody's a high end traveler, these were not that. Okay. It was what we were looking for. We were in somebody's home. We had our own area of the home with our own patio, but was not a luxury, but it put us right where we wanted to be. Excellent. One thing that I'd note about veliko turnovo is it is on hills. And so if you have any mobility issues, as we with our older joints sometimes do, the combination of hills and cobblestones is something you need to be careful of and something you'd want to pay attention to when you were choosing where you wanted to stay. If you were visiting city. What else do we want to see while we're in velika turnover? While we were there, we took a couple of day trips. One of them we went to visit something called the boob luja meeting center or booed luja memorial. It's a gigantic assembly center that was built during the communist era to host communist committee meetings and looks like a flying saucer perched on the top of a mountain and has a big spire standing next to it. And then some monuments or sculptures that surround it at lower levels on the mountain. And it was really an extraordinary thing to visit. I would have to say of all the things we visited, it's one of the things that stands out the most. We had to work a little bit to get to it. You had to drive quite a ways to get to it. Scattered throughout the country. There's remnants of the communist era. There's a fair amount of communist era statues. And this place is crumbling in a sense now. There's some talk of trying to restore it. But because it's crumbling, it's almost mysterious symbolic remembrance of the communist era. And it's huge. You've come to it from a distance. You really can't imagine how you huge it is until you actually are on top of it. So there's no visitor center. There's no people there. There were maybe 6 other people visiting it. I feel like you've accomplished something just getting there. And it was striking. Well, and I'm just looking at some of the history of this, and it looks like the Bulgarians in 1868 fought a what sounds like the Bulgarian Alamo there, if you will, where a small band of Bulgarians were defeated by a larger band of Ottoman Turks, but in only for Bulgarians survived, but that helped spur the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottomans ten years later. So that's why the historic significance of this. But as you say, built not way back then, but built during the communist era. He has the battle you're talking about is the battle of shipka pass. Okay. The monument is built near the top of ship capacity. We approached on this trip from the north side of the pass when we went out from plovdiv on another day trip, which we'll talk about a little bit later..

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