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Amanda i think he forwarded this to us from our ask. Ken coleman dot com email address at the show. Email address emails This is from a guy named michael and He had taken the get clear career assessment. And this brand new tool. It released the same day as the presale of the new book from paycheck to purpose. And i just have to read this. He said for months and months. I've been doing activities to determine what my career purposes. And i got into a place where i was pleased. The results in fact it led me to accept the role And it's going to be the first time in my career that it is a dream job aligns with my broader mission. I have for life. He said your is a great point of motivation. Said but i had to do it on my own based on what i've been learning from you. And he said. I preordered your new book and i got to get clear career szeswith with it and in ten minutes which by the way joe that has to be the fastest anybody's ever taken it. That's pretty quick. It's moving but you can do it. That quick in ten minutes concluded would it took me months and months to do the same. I know of no other career assessment that could match the level of reflection required. That i had until i took the get clear to me. It is nothing short of amazing and Just wanted to share the nice compliment and so that should the whole team or teams amazing work with me for months and months and months on that so anyway Really excited to read. That's a real testimony fun stuff. They're coming up Next segment we got some funny funny work things the way it work fails are awkward. Fails interactions that. I'm gonna share as we'll have a little bit of fun. And i wanna mention that today on our youtube show our special technology show with ryan collins of bethal tech really excited six more. Ken coleman show. Losers are starting the baffled tech program to get qualified in technology. And get going. We've had nearly fifty Joined the program since we started it just over six months ago so so excited about that. Bethel tech dot net slash coleman. If you want to learn more and you can check that episode out on youtube now you can watch that so check that out. The ken coleman show on you too all right. Eight four four seven four seven two five seven. Seven is the number. Let's go to eric. In boise idaho eric. You're on the ken. Coleman show can talk to you good to talk to you. what's going on i. I just told him to say about the wealth of meaning to meet you I just wanted to get some background. So sure i'm i'm twenty eight years old My wife and i earlier this year. We hit set number seven. Oh is time man. That is big time for those of you. Who maybe new ramsey solutions not know. What baby step. Seven is telemetric and with some passion. So where we're living so that way we can live like no one else that way. Now you can start living like no one else and give him like how and you have no debt including your house right. Yes that's correct. That's unbelievable completely debt. Free at special stuff art. Eric i just wanted to celebrate that accomplishment so so you keep going so so kinda would that has led me to being at this point is you know i i kinda wanna be more purposeful with my work and doing what it is that you know god made me to do So i've been kind of searching a little bit and trying to figure that out So i'm i'm an electrical engineer and I've been working at this company that i hired on with outside of college for the last six years And i'm trying to decide whether or not i should maybe make flight Career change and My now i work with more hardware side of things in turn to decide one. If i should maybe move over to the software side of things in the programming side of thing and then if i were to do that the best way to go about doing it and then i guess some some other background information. I do have some experiencing expansion programming in my school and it wasn't my favorite But i've also been able to work with it more you know in a career and i've enjoyed it a lot more okay. Well we've got to pay attention to both of those. But i think the latest information we have right. The latest data points are somewhere in your career. You've had some level of programming and you enjoyed it on what level so if one being i hate it and ten being it's awesome. How would you rank it real work. Experience So i would say probably a solid six or seven. Okay so i will know. If i'm gonna call six or seven fact i know six or seven is not loving your work. It's just not now. Well we have to figure out though is is that six or seven being ranked on environmental circumstances meaning where you were maybe the type of programming so this is where i think you've gotta lean into this a little bit more and i think this is pretty simple. I think you've got to hang out with some programmers that are doing different types of programming work and i'm somewhat limited in how i can describe that but i think you know what that means and i think in spending time with them in proximity. This is my proximity principle in order to do what you wanna do. You gotta be around people that are doing in in places where it is happening..

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