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Well again how tough is the competition when it comes to say electric guitars well it's very tough i mean i got nice if there such things cheap chinese imports of them show that always have been i figure i figure that these these these things look very expensive the higher up the echelons you get the more you more you can invest in these sorts of things i think it's probably is probably competitive within the two within a few top top flight makes like gibson fender etc but you you're going to have either one or the one or two of those one of the two of those guitars also the kind of the idea of hero worship and kind of you wanna you wanna use what you'll heroes us whether you're kind of whether your guy having a midlife crisis in the spare room and wigging out with your ear phones on with one of these things that cost you five grand you could have bought convertible or whatever it is there is there is an essence of of great brand win as an importance of the brand i didn't think this one will be we'll be together complete rack and ruin do you have your own gifts and what she wants now i've got a prince tennis racket which tends to stand in for the guitar and house parties down in black haith excellent anytime you won't marcus i was very good thank you very much that was more monaco's robot bound and that's all for this addition of the briefing here in london it was produced by reese james and researched by a yawning affair and onto our johnnie our studio manager was christie evans the briefing is back tomorrow at the same time do remember join andrew miracle today's edition of midori house that is live at eighteen hundred london time thirteen hundred in new york i am marcus in thanks for listening and by now.

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