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Or what I'm gonna breed FIV from now on. And the reason why this is so important to know about is because if you own a cat, I want you to beware of which your cats f- IB status is now about fifty percent of the patients that I end up seeing in the ER our cats and oftentimes shot that pet owners have no idea. What they're FIV status is on their cat. That's the equivalent of you not knowing. If your partner has HIV, very, very similar virus. Now there's a really easy test for this. And if you adopt a new kitten, or Dopp, the new cat, you always have to make sure that your cat is tested for feeling Kimia. What we often called. F E LV and FIV feline, immunodeficiency bibles. And again, this is really similar to HIV. This is a super easy. Really rapid blood test. And I always recommend doing at least two tests within the first few months of adopting, your new cat. It is really, really infectious and we'll talk about specifically what it is. But you always wanna make sure that your cat is tested for this before you bring a new cat to the household now feline, immunodeficiency virus, or again, FIV is a contagious virus that attacks the immune system again, it's really similar to HIV in human medicine. The good thing is FIV is not contagious to humans at all. So you don't have to worry about that. But unfortunately, it's extremely contagious to other cats, the FIV virus spreads through the body and actually reproduces in the t lymphocyte cell, which is a white blood cell. It ends up spreading the left notes, and it can rapidly progress, unfortunately, just like HIV, it makes a cat, much more at risk for getting infections. Because it makes them immunosuppressed. What's the good news though? Unlike feeling new Kimia, which has a much graver or worse prognosis, the prognosis for long term survival for FIV is much better just like how humans can live with HIV for years, unfortunately, it will ultimately progress to as well. Same thing with FIV cats can live with FIV for many, many years. I've actually even seen fifteen to eighteen year old cats with FIV, but unfortunately, they will also succumb to death from the disease or secondary infection, normal healthy cats can fight off bacteria and viruses, and parasitic infections. But FIV cats because of their immunosuppression end up, succumbing to some of these diseases now, depending on where you live in the world FIV is found worldwide. It's much more common in cats go outside in that are young or male cats. And that's because male cats like to scrap around this is one of the reasons why I'm such an advocate of keeping cats indoors. Not only does. Prevent a visit to the ER vet, but it also protects them from infectious disease while also helping protect our wild birds out there to now. It's estimated that over two point five million cats in the world have FIV it's much more prevalent in the Asia Pacific area the world as compared to North America. But specifically in the United States, it's estimated that approximately one point five to three percent of healthy. Cats are f- I've e- positive now again, if you have a healthy cat, keep in mind, it can live with FIV for years, but you may need to make more frequent vetnar visits to your general practitioner. Now, what I end up seeing in the ER vet are sick cats and unfortunately, with sick cats or unhealthy cats, the prevalence of FIV is higher is estimated to be fifteen percent. So in previous episodes, we've talked about how you can save more money in the ER vet. Well, I'm gonna tell you the first step, you should always do if. Your cat presents the -mergency room is request a Phelan Kimia FIV tests. And the main reason why is because if your cat test positive for EFI LV, or FIV you may want to talk to your veterinarian or emergency veterinarian about what the prognosis is now how is five e spread via spread predominantly by cats fighting again another reason why so adamant about keeping cats indoors just because they minimize the risk of actually getting it. Because cats always fight when they see another cat now, I will get on my soapbox and say, if your cat is positive for FIV or F. E L V. It is ethically imperative that you please keep your cat indoors. That's because they can spread it to another cat out there. So again, if you're ever test positive, I wanted to make sure you keep your cat indoors. Now, transmission of FIV again is spread mostly through saliva? But it can also pass through blood through the placenta during pregnancy. Or bisexual transmission? This is one of the reasons why before we actually give a blood transfusion to your cat. We always make sure to EFI v or FIV tests, that blood donor while FIV contagious. Please know that cats can live peacefully together. In other words, without fighting are less likely to spread it to each other within a household. In other words, if one of your cats was just diagnosed with FIV, and he doesn't fight with your other cats in the household. It's totally fine for your cats to get along with minimal risk to your other cats. However, if your cat fights with the other cats that's going to be an issue, because it can be contagious to your other cats. One in doubt, talk to a veterinarian about this. I did want to give you some peace again. I'm going to mention FIV is not infectious to humans. Unfortunately, cats that are affected by FIV end up getting inflammation in their body. The end up getting too much inflammation in their central nervous system too much inflammation. In their intestines or even their mouth or gums. They're more risk for recurrent infections of the is upper respiratory infections, immune, mediated problems or even skin or kidney problems, one of the most common signs at I actually see per catch with FIV is actually severe ginger Vitus. So if you notice that your cat has recurring severe bad breath or is diagnosed with ginger Vitus at your vet. It's worth getting an FIV test just to make sure we'll continue with this really important topic. Right after these messages from our sponsors as vetinarian in a dog owner, I can say it stinks having an itchy dog. My own dog has at a p the equivalent of hay fever. So I totally understand having an itchy dog for once the saying smells like a dog is a good thing. Checkout pets our kids twos. All natural shampoo..

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