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I'm excited to share this sneak peek episode of my new podcast podcast gone this episode explores the disappearance of oliver cromwell's head it's a fascinating mystery that will leave you wanting more to hear two more episodes on objects or people that vanished subscribe to gone wherever you listen to podcasts listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of murder dismemberment and the desecration of corpses some people may find the material offensive listener discretion is strongly suggested for children under thirteen being laid to rest cultures all around the world share similar notions of honoring and birdieing the debt generally mourners prepare and clean the body dress it in fine clothing or trappings and grieve over it before finally putting them to wrist some corpses are cremated while others are buried deep within the earth hopefully where they remain sometimes however that isn't the case since time immemorial grave robbers treasure hunters and thieves alike have raided the crypts of the dead searching for anything and sometimes any one of value this macabre practice hasn't just been reserved for the lowest of society but some of history's leaders as well for example charles the second of england and the french convention of seventeen ninety three among others ray rated the graves of their opponents destroying entire legacies yet for one man in history the desecration of his body sent his remains on a strange journey for almost three hundred years that's three hundred years without so called rest there are those who argue though that this law soul deserved everything that was coming to him of course there are those who also say the opposite regardless of your stance this man went on an extraordinary if not bizarre journey after death or at least his head did.

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