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Now it's sixty nine degrees implantation in seventy four heading toward pine crest at seven eight one the witnesses will all be testifying remotely as the Senate health committee today holds a hearing on reopening the U. S. economy Dr Anthony found she that top infectious disease expert on the coronavirus task force in the hands of the CDC and FDA will testify over video conference to a Senate committee New York times reporting found she is expected to tell senators that Americans will experience needless suffering and death if the country reopens prematurely ABC's and as they look at Tara it's in dispute but the president is telling corona virus testing president trump says the United States has met the moment and prevailed on testing for the corona virus even as many public health experts warned that the United States continues to like the widespread testing needed to properly traced the virus we've developed a testing capacity on managed an unrivalled anywhere in the world Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer on the other hand remains deeply critical of the administration's response saying the United States performance has fallen short of other countries ABC's Jordyn Phelps Richard Cantu ABC news seven oh three another fourteen deaths reported raising Florida's coronavirus death toll to seventeen hundred thirty five Miami Dade County had the state high four hundred ninety deaths and there are just under forty one thousand cases statewide the first time in a week so the family of a coronavirus patient Broward has reason for optimism Victor Sanchez was put on a ventilator two weeks ago at northwest Medical Center in Mar gate his wife says she was preparing for the worst thankfully there was someone who had recovered from covered nineteen donated their plasma Sanchez and the transfusion has taken place it's too early to tell how the forty one year old patient will respond but his wife says the early signs are good Miami Dade said to enter phase one of re opening next Monday Palm Beach already partially back in business so the question remains when will Broward get the green light to our county commissioners are holding a special workshop today aimed at developing a safe free opening strategy my emails and my phone calls have all been ninety nine percent of all been we need the county to start opening business commissioner mark Bogen says he'd like to see things starting up again in a week or two it has to be done though with the way in which people understand businesses understand that if they don't operate in a safe way that we determine what's safely and then they got to be close yes please beaches should reopen with conditions no vote will be taken today Eric Rodriguez newsradio six ten WYO D. seven oh for doom and gloom it's expected for South Florida restaurants salons and other small businesses with that are re opening or will plan to re open for the first time in nearly two months need to get things rolling otherwise the economic catastrophe is going to be worse than the help the fact that they sell need so with the James Madison institute says Miami Dade and Broward have gone without tourists for so long the counties may not be able to recover and full anytime soon he says more than two thirds of Florida's jobs are small businesses and those that can't reopen may have a ton of trouble doing so just twenty five percent capacity in this phase one people who own America's small businesses though continue to lose faith the small business optimism index fell again in April for the second month in a row sales expectations are at a record low most business owners say they're sure the economy will get worse in the near term but the expected to improve for the next six months to a year nine of the optimism index's ten components fell in the last month and almost forty three million Americans are in danger of losing their health insurance from their employers amid this pandemic the study states that from March fifteenth to April twenty fifth thirty million people filed for unemployment and that number will most likely rise the unemployment rate was at fourteen point seven percent as of may the eighth some Americans will be able to take advantage of expanded Medicaid benefits under obamacare but millions of other people will not have access to those benefits that's market may field MLB owners are in favor restarting America's pastime around the fourth of July they approved a proposed so that'll now go to the players union no fans would be a lot of ball parks once league begins its shortened season around eighty two regular season games would be played following a spring training next month the post season would have fourteen teams and you're gonna have to wear more than just making mouse ears when Walt Disney World reopens the cast members and guests at Walt Disney World will have to wear face masks something that will be a little trying I think for some of the guests particularly the hot humid summers that we tend to have on CNBC Disney CEO Bob traffic said new safety protocols will be in place before gates open again parts of Disney springs the dining and entertainment complex at Walt Disney World will open next week the.

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