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It's overcast curley twenty six degrees the news watch never stops wbz newsradio nine vzw wga good morning thank you for joining us on reverted thing it entente jordan these are the top stories on wwl j highland park police looking for the shooter that critically wounded two men following a fight that spilled over from the southfield ally the little details with our the charlie linked in gas prices on the rise again round do evil run down the numbers officials say the largest most destructive wildfire farting in southern california expected to grow as it answered enters its second week big gone or if attacked morrison alan trammell a lot of people saying what about sweet lou tony has more on that i had fifty w w g a seeded freud it's six o'clock cbs news i'm deborah rodriguez it's coming down to the wire in alabama special senate election voters go to the polls tomorrow to choose between democrat doug jones and the republican roy more whose corralled support from president trump and party leaders despite allegations of sexual misconduct but not republican senator richard shelby ogden go for roy more i wouldn't vote for roy more i think the republican party can do better reports say shelby will lent his voice to robo calls going out to alabama nds today to counter gop sponsored calls many voters here in alabama will hear this today when they answer the phone buyers procuder donald trump and i need alabama to go vote for rory more more campaign hopes this robocall will help solidify support among republicans normally a race like this in a state like alabama would be a certain republican victory but the serious in graphic allegations against roy more have turned this into a competitive contest steve futterman cbs news montgomery alabama sexual misconduct allegations have more man rethinking interaction with women in the workplace live to cbs's vicky barker if women are finding new and speaking out about sexual harassment some men are fearing any interaction with female colleagues now facebook's sheryl sandberg among those wearing that the backlash could be starting with some men now thinking twice before offering to mentor young female staffers or even to hire them at all and one employment lawyer says that's the big concern because the marginalisation of women and business is at least as big a problem as harassment debra the.

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