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Learn more today at work at wave dot com That's a workout wave dot com 6 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s here is married to Pompey and the traffic center Indeed John thank you very much We will start out in Maryland a working crash now interstate 95 units have found the issue It's the only thing happening on 95 You're pretty much at speed but if you are riding southbound out of Baltimore heading to elkridge exit 100 route 100 which is exit number 43 overturned vehicle right lane right side blocked emergency on scene that then becomes your breakaway point So move over give them the extra lane for safety You're still moving okay Nothing currently on the Baltimore Washington Parkway beltway to beltway and even inside of the beltway as an alternative on two 70 writing south and Rockville near shady grove road exit 8 last report we have work along the left side taking two lanes no delays associated If you're two or from the eastern shore this morning so far on 50 no incidents right now and that's from the beltway across the bay all the way through Queenstown and back We're check inside of the beltway We do have a couple of issues toward the district in Mississippi avenue in southeast remaining closed between 13th and 15th street crash investigation We also have outbound south capital street across the Frederick Douglas bridge at the circle stay left to get 5 that crash Moving into Virginia it's about the same light volumes one working wreck It's on route one in Stafford county and so far we believe this is a crash investigation If you are heading southbound once you've passed 6 ten in garrisonville and quiet harbor you will find the brake lights ahead The crash near Austin park drive enforced in Woods all lanes are blocked follow police direction there SAIC and Microsoft understand the challenges of cloud adoption and partner to help you accelerate your modernization journey to the cloud Securely visit SAIC dot com slash cloud Mary de pompa WCW traffic And at a storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller sunshine and a cold Saturday with highs near 30 were on weather alert for your day tomorrow we'll see snow develop after lunchtime in the early afternoon it will accumulate anywhere between one and four inches of snow expected and then a transition from the snow to ice.

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