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And stuck between your teeth for a few days and didn't hurt or anything like did it feel like that is. That's the thing that i kept thinking. Didn't even feel like one of them. I felt a little weird for like a couple of hours but dissolve over the course of a week. It's gonna feel like a colonel popcorn. Your teeth oh he cool so not the most annoying thing awesome but I've got a follow up in a couple of weeks like two weeks so they can look look it over. I was thinking about it. I think about it every time. I brush my teeth now. Because i think about them. Sticking things in my gums and it fucking tariffs once a week. Yeah chilly to my very core. All right let me two weeks. Luckily i could only see one year and i could see it for a day and is all to the point where i couldn't see it that we Rta went up today where you're talking about going. It's it's very good. It's going to the dentist. And then gavin going to the dentist and choking on the stuff that goes down its throat but like thinking about stuff going into your gums and then it just dissolves in. Your gums are like fine. I guess is supposed to clean. Like what does it. Actually like whatever's in their any difference. You teeth feel better. I guess like that's the reason they put it is. It's below the gum line. You can't see it. So i can't tell that is that's where i'm gonna go back to. They're going to check to make sure but it's funny. I started going even more you something. You said andrew. The first time. I went back. I don't trust you. You talked about how there's a potential connection between the plaque in your mouth and the plaque art. Yes yeah you said that. And i say a lot of things i forget everything i walk out of. You know what. I've had a real hard time trying to get my cholesterol under control. And then i started was like what if it's just because i haven't been getting cleanings cure my teeth for years so i haven't got to get my cholesterol checked out soon to see. It's like getting these deep cleaning getting these tabs put in helps also alleviate the rest of the plaque in my body maybe one of the tabs. Every day goes away. launcher You are you eating grapes. Sharam fought people like him. I've heard this. They had some little package in the fridge over there from home in grapes. This fruit at home. does it. Ziplock bags rooster teeth on it. No it's his portion to actually interesting they have like a ziplock that has a quarter cup half cup. Three quarters of cup. One cup not sponsor if people care about portion control. I guess you could do like okay. Well this is a quarter cup of grapes. I'm used to baggies. That are way smaller. What if you were. If you wanted to spice things up in the bedroom you could put that little hoodie on your penis. Just i'm just living unrelated. Have the head sticking out. Why okay now you have to buy this bogo. Recode code aren't good until emc hoodie by one for your buy one for your dick young. Disappoint that special someone in your life. I'm thinking about war. Remained worth another one. Says i'm hugh jackson letting re i saw. I saw someone guests. I saw someone on instagram. Made me think i saw someone. Instagram's got married and it was like a video from a bachelorette party banner on the wall. That said her as same penis forever. Let's like getting married. You're gonna have to say you're going to have sex with the same pena's forever but then also a thing for the husband walking and just like yeah won just the one forever. This is also for me too. God damn we talk what we talked about this before. Do you have a dear friend. Where look i've seen my penis the most of anyone. It's number one. We love bullying i. There's not even close number two number but there is a number two and it is way more than whoever is number three. Do you have someone like that where you got like a strong number two. Yes really yes. See what is is jeff ramsey. not ever seen. It's a dude that i had gym class with junior high. Because he had a giant birthmark over his dick so anytime we have to show or after jimmy class it was like i couldn't not look at it also. It wasn't him like hey. I'm naked.

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