Tired Of Binge Watching (MM #3806)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason. A year and a half ago, most of America started to binge watching things. Have people still do it to this day, whether it's on Netflix or Hulu or HBO Max or whatever it is or Disney+. Oh my gosh, we've got so many binge watching choices now. But I found myself binge watching less and less. If I'm going to binge watch something, it's whatever's on the television right then on cable because I'm too tired of having to pay that close of attention. Now it's true there are some shows I've got to watch and I will continue watching no matter how many episodes they put up. But they're only putting out 6 to ten a year or 6 to ten every couple of years. I'm fully invested in those shows. But with a lot of shows, the lava season one, you binge watch that and season two comes out 6 8 ten months later and you're like, well, I'm not sure maybe I will watch, maybe I won't and season three comes along and you're like, well, I have to go back and watch season two. That means I have to watch season three and now I'm 20 episodes down. It's just as easy to turn the TV on and find something to watch and watching it for however long you watch it. I find myself when I'm binge watching, watching a whole lot more TV and doing a whole lot less. Maybe that's the problem.

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