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Your point. Andrew they need more out of out of harvard's to a lesser extent. Although i believe he'd be out of the team when when when mum comes back Is it is it overly biased for me to say that i think they missed christian no relentless in worth not black runs at defenses slippery and the box i i feel like he'd be great for the by the way. Don't you start with the is. It overly biased. Here that we're bias again from you mr alright. Having an opinion our point of view doesn't make you bias. We'll get to that later on. Leave that to the twitter ratty who love that word whenever they hear something. Don't like it's bias. Computer sake is numbers will make a difference when he comes back in for sure but they do need more consistency from howard's you only see flashes from harvard's also. I do think that as much credit as we give to for what. He did since he's come in. What's the major thing that he did andrew. He stopped the leaking. He organized the defense. He made them hard to beat. The attacking site is always the harder thing to do. And if you wanna see chelsea's still work in progress trying to fit in all these various components. Then i would agree. I absolutely think that's true. And mesa among the key to that and so when he comes back when polis it comes back. Yeah although i do think mount will come in and he will. He will stick with harvard's as well Because i think he he knows how much talent advertising he just needs to find a way to get it out of him but chelsea have scored less. I think in total under to date under lampert. I'd have to check that if that's the case Boss the main thing that is dawn has been organization and making this team difficult to play against and hard to beat The other part of the attack the components are there. But it's it's gonna take a little bit longer if you. I mean just looking at them in the league and the primarily so far this season their tenth in their tenth in shots per ninety minutes. A i think you know bringing in a guy lukaku instead of a team. Oh verner as your primary goal. Scorer means that they'll be efficient like their shot on target percentages fourth. But they're not generating the number of scoring chances that you would think they should be writing. Yeah these are these are issues that lampert struggle with what's his right. What's his best formula and attack. Does he get the most out of these brilliant mottaki players at the have and you know to close not even being in the job calendar full year. You know he he's add the it's his first his first preseason with this site so Work in progress is a fair way to look at it. I think Barcelona jj good lord there now without a win in five european gains in total Just during that ronald of these five straight. They've scored just two goals and conceded fourteen. This is dating back of course to last year as well we. Obviously i'm talking a little bit to myself but like we knew that they would be worse to season. I'm a little bit surprised that it's this bad this fast now in the league they are still. I believe there's john beaten. I think they have three wins and three draws But the champions league has been a nightmare for them. I don't know i still like i. I didn't i didn't get a chance to watch a ton of this. Is watching another one. But i went back. Watch the highlights. Read a lot about it. Because i'm just so intrigued by what's going on there and i'm looking at their eleven. I'm looking at fathi coming on as a sub. I don't know. I still think that like yes. They're not what they were in. The messi neymar suarez dot. They're not that. Of course they're not that i'm not stupid. I understand but they're still good there are. There's too many good players on this team for them to be playing this poorly in the champions. They okay but against barman minute. That's one thing. We'll talk about byron and minute but like three not benfica this this has to be more. Is this just like a cultural. Morale shift is this bad management because there are still good players on that team. They're just are yeah. Fear factor's gone..

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