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Out and me and tell me if I'm wrong but I think our two point drop like ten degrees yeah and the dew points are going to continue to fall overnight tonight Hillary let me out go actually to the dew point graphic right here my computer and you know are dewpoint temperatures I posted something on Facebook and Twitter about this we do points are in the fifties it's comfortable when they're in the sixties it's you meant at least a little bit humid and when they're in the seventies it's oppressive so here in Washington are dewpoint temperature right now sixty four degree so it's a little bit humid out there but big improvements from earlier today when are dewpoint temperatures were in the seventies and Hillary back around the I. ninety one corridor you points are in the upper fifties so when I'm really nice and comfortable and that trend is moving eastward over the next few hours what we're also still saying our storms out there down in southern Maryland where cold front is currently located a tracking lightning thunder and heavy rain down into portions of Charles St Mary's and Calvert counties right now Washington the DC metro area is drying we're gonna stay dry tonight actually it's a really nice night out there unless you are in southern Maryland and the northern neck where we will continue to track scattered thunderstorms out around old can't expel Calvert beach continuing to see these storms will have lows tonight in the sixties mostly sunny tomorrow beautiful day tomorrow and Friday and Saturday I should say low to mid eighties for highs tomorrow mid seventies to low eighties on Saturday some showers are possible Saturday night with some scattered showers out there on Sunday best chance of rain on Sunday does look to be later in the day otherwise plenty of clouds and highs only in the low to mid seventy so kind of refreshing out there on Sunday but again we do have some rain chances it's not a washout though currently right eighty four in Arlington eighty one degrees in Olney and eighty six in Quantico thanks a million eighty four degrees here brought to you by Len the plumber trusted same day service seven days a week five twenty two seven people were shot in the district this morning two of them were sixteen and seventeen year old boy DC police say around one thirty in the morning officers got a report of twenty shots fired and the police report says on the way to that location officers found four victims suffering from gunshot wounds outside a house on rom street northeast the report says officers found two other victims a few blocks away in the same neighborhood on children's place northeast and one victim outside the circle seven express convenience store on mount Olivet road.

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