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The causes of eating disorders are not fully understood but eating disorder. Their Best Jennifer Rowland has said that people struggling with eating disorders often turn to their eating disorder behaviors in an unconscious effort to try to help themselves feel better and to cope with difficult emotions. Rolling added that disordered. Eating is a self soothing behavior in response to feelings of anxiety. Sadness or loneliness in two thousand ten. Michelle's parents admitted her into an inpatient program at a psychiatric hospital. Michelle's medical records indicate that the fourteen year old way just eighty six pounds. Her blood pressure was dangerously low and she had chronic liver dysfunction as a result of her anorexia in February of two thousand eleven. Michelle's primary care doctor prescribed her PROZAC as a part of her treatment plan. The drug seemed to help Michelle gain weight but it didn't eliminate Michelle's disordered eating patterns. Michelle's mother reported that the teen was prone to episodes of binge eating followed by compulsive exercising. Michelle also told her peers that she felt suicidal at times and that she struggled with self injury she described herself as lonely. Although she wasn't unpopular she had trouble making close friends. She wants confided in a classmate that she didn't feel like she had any real friends and that nobody ever asked her to hang out after school. She texted another friend. Stop telling me how wonderful and beautiful I am because beautiful girls get invited to parties and their friends call and want to hang out. They don't spend Friday nights alone. Clinical Psychiatrist Peter Bragan leader said. There's no question that Michelle is always asking people to love her. A lot of her friends couldn't reciprocate because she's two desperate. She so needy. It's a whole no one can fill. Dr Bragan believed that Michelle behave this way because she suffered from anxiety and depression. Michelle self esteem. Issues were not necessarily uncommon. In a study commissioned by the Dove self-esteem Fund researchers found that seventy percent of teen girls feel insecure about their looks performance in school and relationships with friends and family members. But even if Michelle's feelings were common they still cost her significant distress and she used unhealthy coping mechanisms such as disordered eating and self injury to cope with her insecurity. All Michelle wanted was someone who understood her and in February of two thousand twelve. She thought she had found that person that winter fifteen year old. Michelle went to visit her grandmother in Naples Florida. There she met Conrad. Roy The third Conrad was visiting his great aunt. A few houses down from where Michelle was staying born. September Twelfth Nineteen ninety-five Conrad was just a year older than Michelle. He was also from Massachusetts specifically the coastal town of Mattapoisett amount. An hour south of where Michelle lived in Plainville Conrad's great aunt was friends with Michelle's grandmother. The two women introduced the teens and encourage them to go on a bike ride together. Conrad and Michelle wrote to the beach talked and flirted. Michelle leader. Said she liked Conrad right away. She said she could tell he liked her too because he asked if she had a boyfriend. When they're Florida trip ended. They decided to keep in touch for months. They exchanged messages by texts and facebook communicating with each other on a daily basis. By the summer of two thousand twelve. They were calling each other girlfriend and boyfriend like Michelle. Conrad also struggled with mental health issues in two thousand eleven. When he was sixteen years old he was hit particularly hard by his parents acrimonious divorce. He began to suffer from depression and social anxiety when his grades dropped in school. He told his parents. It was because he had insomnia racing thoughts and gaps in his memory. His parents took him to therapists. The Conrad couldn't seem to tell them or his parents. The extent of his depression he later said he had trouble expressing himself and therapy and he thought even if he could explain how he felt. He didn't think anyone was capable of helping him any way. Although his family knew he was struggling they didn't know that he was experiencing thoughts of self harm and suicide. Conrad didn't share these thoughts with Michelle. Either at first their relationship was still fairly casual in fact. Conrad wasn't the only person. Michelle was interested in in the summer of two thousand twelve while she kept up her online relationship with Conrad. Michelle developed bond with another girl on her softball team Alice. The girls texted message to each other constantly. They frequently spent the night at each other's houses according to Michelle although Alice later denied it. This was more than a friendship. Michelle said I thought it was a phase at first like I thought we were just really good friends but we started talking like people in a relationship would flirting and stuff. Michelle also said that. Alice was her first kiss but Alice's mother. Kelly didn't like the girl spending so much time together. Kelly later said she felt suspicious of Michelle. Right away something about the girl seemed phony. She reasoned no kid. Is that Nice at one point. Kelly tried to confiscate Alice's phone to keep the girls from texting each other allies. Try to trick her by handing over an old phone. Kelly also discovered that Alice had made a secret facebook account so that the girls could continue to speak finally in the early fall of two thousand twelve. She forbade Alice from seeing Michelle Alice obey her mother. She blocked Michelle on social media and stopped responding to calls and tax. Michelle was devastated. She later texted a friend. I never cry about things but I cry over her. I cried telling my therapist about her. Today I don't know why she has such a big impact on me. She just does. Michelle told another classmate that she hadn't felt happy. Since the friendship ended Alice's rejection had heard her more than anything. But Michelle didn't appear to let onto Conrad Roy that. She was depressed about Alice in messages to him around this time. She sounded upbeat and relaxed. They bantered and Sung teasing insults at one another. They spoke about their favorite music. He chatted about his rowing team. She talked about basketball practice. There was little in these messages to suggest that both teams were in an intense amount of pain because Conrad was also on a dark place. In the fall of two thousand twelve despite therapy his suicidal idealization had increased in. October seventeen year old. Conrad waited until his mother left the house. Then swallow to hold bottles of tylenol plus a bottle of nyquil however he immediately regretted his decision. He texted a friend Arianna and told her he was sick. He asked her to call his mother for him Conrad's mother. Lynn returned home and rushed him to the hospital. Conrad promised his mother that he would never try anything like that again but he still felt depressed alone and scared. Conroy didn't know how much longer he could go on. It was agony trying to live each day. As if everything were normal it would be a relief to just let the mask fall and to let everyone see who he really was but he was afraid of what they would think if they saw the real Conrad maybe they would hate him as much as he hated himself. Conrad ached for relief for understanding for salvation. But he didn't know where to begin looking for it. Perhaps it would help if even just one person understood him. Maybe that would make him feel as if he had something or someone to live for on October tenth. Two Thousand Twelve Conrad's sent Michelle facebook message. He asked do you care what's been happening to me. She responded immediately. What's been happening with fat? Conrad opened up to her about his suicide attempt. He warned her. I'm not the person you thought. It was as if preparing for her to reject him but Michelle. Didn't she called him? One of the most amazing guys. She'd ever met telling him how happy he made her. She told him that she wanted to help him get better. That intense conversation signaled a shift in their relationship. They became each other's confidants sharing their darkest thoughts with one another. Even though they were miles apart dealing with a world of pain now they were in it together up next Conrad and Michelle continued to spiral as their communications. Become more frequent and more toxic..

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