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I'm filling in for Dave, Rick and Kathy. And for those of you who don't know me, I hosted on KOA from ninety four to two thousand ten and this is it for me as your host for this year. The final type I will host the Dave Rick and Kathy Lee show in two thousand eighteen grant Smith is running this magnificent show. He will be the first one you talk to when you call us at three zero three seven one three eight five eight five you can text us at five six six nine zero would love to get your thoughts about what year New Year's resolution is if you missed it in the four o'clock hour, Derek Wolfe wolf joined us, you know, here's a guy drafted into. Thousand twelve played for the Broncos. He's in his seventh year think about this his first four years as a Denver Bronco. He went to two Super Bowls and won four straight AFC west titles and won a Super Bowl. Now. He's had three straight years where the Broncos cumulative cumulatively are twenty and twenty eight I'd like to know this hour if you are a season ticket holder, or if you enjoy going to the games whether or not you plan on going this Sunday, the weather looks great for Sunday. But I wanna know will you be there? Or are you selling your tickets the college football semifinals are this weekend? You have Clemson versus Notre Dame at two o'clock tomorrow, and then bam bam versus Oklahoma. I love saying Bama versus Oklahoma. Who will you be pulling for in these games? Are you gonna watch them with friends and family? Also, some of the biggest stories of two thousand eighteen we will share some of the top New Year's resolutions that I have and also some people that we lost in two thousand eighteen so let's head to the phones. You know, when I just said hi to my friends from the west side. And I forgot to say hi to Mark. So Patrick, Andy. Kevin. And notice I've got say hi to your partner, Mark. So wish all of those boys a happy new year as they start two thousand nineteen on the right foot? Jeff. Sorry. We lost you earlier. How are you? My friend. I'm having a blast. But I'm getting a little bit of a complex here. Because wise now I've called Jimmy disconnected. Why didn't disconnect you the first time? Well, this is Jeff the trash guy. I called last week about tipping your trash. Yeah. And I called you Elizabeth. Yeah. All right. Okay. You wanna know something? After tonight. I'm not coming on the rest of the year. How's that? It just think about it. This is the final Friday of two thousand eighteen only happens once every three hundred sixty five days. I know I know, and there's a lot of people who didn't make it through two thousand nine hundred ninety one of them's Aretha Franklin. Yeah. How sad is that? Now. August sixteenth. All right, buddy. Talk to me about Vance. Joseph couple things I wanna ask you or get some thought to it. Couple of years back when the the sheriff was hurt. The deputy Brock Osweiler step in seven games of those seven he won five less than half the season. He tied. What the Broncos did last year? Now hardly a person ever said anything about the Broncos last year without saying they needed a better offense of wide. But that's history. Let's look at this year. What's changed the sport? Let's go when you're driving if you're driving with bolt tires, and you're slipping and sliding back drivers gonna keep driving like that. A good drivers going to change his tires. Now, let's go Vance Johnson Garrett Bowles how many penalties it this guy commit until they finally got him under control. I don't know it took a long time. That's why I'm thinking maybe BJ needs to look at something a little bit differently or we need to look at BJ a little differently. Well, the problem is and I appreciate the call. The problem is you know, what a DJ what had VJ have to choose from. You know? I mean, it's it's not like you've got a lot of choice, especially on the offense of line. I think it's been tough for the Broncos. And yes, Garrett Bowles the number one draft pick last year has not lived up to the expectations of being the twentieth. Best player in the NFL in two thousand seventeen. So that's an area. The Broncos need to shore up. I forgot to ask you what your New Year's resolution as so I'm going to ask the next person. Joe and centennial welcome to the program. You're on KOA NewsRadio. Hey, lou. It's good to talk to you. I'm just I'm not a Broncos fan. I have a different team, but I live here in Denver area since ninety five. So I, but I enjoy listening to the show 'cause I just like football in general and don't have any New Year's resolutions. I don't do. I don't do that stuff. But the question I have is it just seems like, you know, years ago teams would take a quarterback say out of college. And they say we're going to work and making this guy a franchise quarterback. And it might take years they might even change coaches before they change the player to get the coach that would gel with that player. And it seems at least in Denver anyway, man, if you're new coach or quarterback within the first year, if you haven't won the first eight games, you better watch out for that bus because they're going to throw you wonder Nathan in a heartbeat. It's like they don't wait and last year or the year before we know when we're going through all changing the quarterbacks all the time. I'm going, you know is Denver not capable of say taking a guy coming out of college and say, okay. Okay. Let's work this guy up. I mean, I know when they got Peyton Manning. Yeah. It was a risk because he had been injured and stuff. But the guy was a Super Bowl winning quarterback wasn't that big of risk as compared to taking somebody out of college. Or maybe somebody who did one year on another team and didn't do very well because he didn't gel there then bringing them here. They don't know the, you know, maybe it's not just Denver. But it seemed like nobody. They don't wanna take the time anymore. It's like man if we can't get the Super Bowl winning guy within the first year, you're out of here. Well, Joey Lee understand this in two thousand twelve they chose Brock Osweiler. Right. And they had signed Peyton Manning. All right. So they were going to give Osweiler an opportunity to work under Peyton Manning. Second of all in two thousand sixteen Payton was gone. Brock was gone. And the Denver Broncos drafted Paxton Lynch to do exactly that and that's step in as a starter. And so they had Trevor simian and Pat and Paxton Lynch and then in two thousand seventeen I mean, they did everything humanly possible to give Paxton Lynch the job as the Broncos starting quarterback. And he still couldn't get it done. And I understand he's out of the league though. And now. He's out of the league. And I, and I I'm not saying that you gotta believe me. I understand it. Nobody needs to say, okay. We're going to go through six years of losing seasons. Like, you know, my team is routinely team. The Rams, you know, and when you go through year after year after year, and they're an and even when they were changing people all the time. They just couldn't seem to get anything done until these last two years, you know, but I understand you don't always want to wait a real long time. You know? And sometimes yeah, you got a guy that you brought him in. And and sometimes it's obvious. He is just not working right on this team. He made you well someplace else here. But it just seems that a lot of times like like with coaches, you know, if Vance Joseph goes because I agree with your assessment when you were talking about the situation he was handed. I said they're not giving this guy that much of a shot because this year look at all the games with the Rams that the that the Broncos lost by. Well, they could have the Texas. It was a missed field goal. Right. Right. And the game all your three point game. And there were a lot of points. Right. So that was an improvement. Absolutely. And and I didn't mean to cut you off. I just pushed the wrong button. That's because I'm new at this stuff. But I appreciate the call Joe. But here's the other thing they beat Pittsburgh. They beat the chargers. Two games that they probably wouldn't a one and they should have beat the chiefs at least the game at home. But good points. I agree. Vance Joseph was not set up to succeed. But I will tell you this John Morrissey every single half hour on the fifteenth. He is set up to succeed because nobody nobody does the traffic better than our friend. John.

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