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Okay guys are back stay tonight happy at thanksgiving they were just kicking things off and let me get my special guest on board Mister Brian Edwards with the extensive career in the law enforcement a and I had an opportunity to meet your Brian out there at the Dallas conference in the fifty six years JFK assassination conference in eat the the thing that set up for the audience of the way you're looking at everything is if in fact somebody wanted takeout JFK at this particular event you don't they go to bed just one guy up there in the six floor depository with an old twelve dollar fifteen dollar rifle shooting at a target through trees driving away from you you think that more likely with all the evidence we have nowadays and with all the research has been done this was more of a military type operation you're real familiar with that's a good pick it up from there with the audience well the idea of putting the wrong one guy's shoulders I mean whoever recruited him to do whatever he was supposed to do in that building wasn't to shoot you hadn't fired a rifle sense of marine corps was in nineteen fifty nine and he barely barely qualified is you know your shots which is the lowest lowest ranking in the marine corps I mean the marines I mean I didn't serve in the military but I know a lot of marines in there we take a lot of pride in their Italy to shoot and although all if you meet most of the I mean everybody that went through boot camp you spend a couple weeks just holding a rifle and learn how to cited in there were eighteen your aim points of your screens and all that and then you get to go out to the range of you know if you don't qualify they do little more remedial training and get you did you come to a point when you can qualify well on Oswald's service record and we got a copy of that it should be you know being a kid who did not qualify no rain so you know.

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