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Significant levels at this point there are some spots that have flooded over the barriers but again nothing significant yet however that slapping rain continues to fall the tops of the palm trees here are moving anyone who was outside along the river walk has now gone inside prince George's county police officer has been indicted on sex charges prince George's county police lieutenant Richard talent is been indicted on second degree sex offense charges for an incident that happened in February of twenty seventeen when he was off duty prince George's county police say the officer has had its police powers suspended since the part and was made aware of the allegations involving a woman he knew what a social outing in upper Marlboro lieutenant talent is now suspended without pay he has been with the department for over two decades Barbara brick WMAL and WMAL dot com president trump says he's working with Congress on plans for gun safety he says the NRA also wants to make things right with you to do what's right I respect the NRA greatly they were very nice to me they supported me and I have I do I have great respect for them and they love our country but we're going to do what's right and you know what the NRA wants to do what's right to I really believe that I think the NRA wants to do what's right lawsuits filed against Jeffrey M. scenes a state contain lots of names of other people who say the victims were complicit and abstain sex crime the civil suits seeking compensation from Jeffrey apps the into state contain is. he is one thousand names of people who victims said either enabled obscene sex trafficking war took part in his crimes some papers were made public the day before it sting committed suicide now a federal judge here in New York is giving people named in those suits the opportunity to object to the documents being released to the public one attorney for a person named in the suit said the papers contain life changing disclosures about people who are not directly involved in the lawsuits Steve casting down New York the NTSB says self driving technology and the driver not paying attention are to blame for a Tesla versus fire truck crash on a southern California freeway last year no one was hurt in the crash but the NTSB says one an S. U. V. cut off a Tesla model S. was on auto pilot and it didn't react didn't even break the driver didn't react either an electric car slammed into a fire truck in the carpool lane of the freeway responding to another crash cell phone records show the driver was not on his phone but a witness told investigators he was looking down the NTSB says driver inattention Anna technology flaw are to blame. correspondent Jim Roper new feature is rolling out on Facebook and Instagram to fight the spread of anti vaccine misinformation.

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