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This is bridget breaking news down to the thirty down please. If you're at so thin the ponytail holders is the meeting place between the hair. That's put the hand point now. How do you now. How does the pony tail holder engages with the hair on your head. How does that work. Because as you pull your hair you hold it and you the ponytail desperately holds the hair show on morning show bobby smith but not something that's going on. I'm learning a lot here today. My friend yeah. My question is how you don't know about that. You have a daughter that you raise. I don't know i never been a wrestling. You put me on the spot. My daughter's thirty years old daughters twenty three years august saying you was too busy switching families to be doing nepali. Show mom the do not show on know. This mom's is to us from dax. The grease that with a high cold. Oh see that's why lady back in had that. Burn on your barbie. Yeah have you ever suffered burn on the forehead. No i got an air gap. I was on one. Amis like of you hold down right over slip. 'cause they use so much damn greece fingers all slide carreno pop up and they get the head or the back of that negative baby. I was like. I said the kid get my head up or not. Have you heard of this ponytail holder thing now now now back to that about the he. She called it. The bob lab. That's that's how you say. The spanish bonier. Oh what is that. I up and now it's a small small. I needed. any somebody put a thing and now now nobody you said in close to one change. And there's you place it on your head you put it around your hair and then you wrap it. Oh so you. that's the connect. that's the connector. Yes yeah you can call. Once that's done what have lakes you now. you can either put a little bit more practical. You hear this move to damn then you tie around here like 'cause you wanna hold it down that's Drying or you know setting then you add. Then you'll get your point tailpiece if you add in point on then you push your point piece on so you take the ponytail from the table right right. It connects to the pony tail holder. You pony tail because you can connect to your hair what to say. Yeah you can say that called your right and then you take the ponytail and you connect it a ponytail holders. You wrap it around the polio. Use robert to they still we still do. Now it's like covered in Like a little silky type material was material. So we'll pull iro ponytail holders. Yeah that's how your boy detail rabbit the rebel bed take too because she covered the rubber bands to have right right so so the hair. The hair is so. Hose the connector. Together the connector jose hair together that would be the point holder. Now now would you put the ponytail par table. Yeah and and everything is connected. Now you've got your ponytail. Now you have your polling until you hear somebody said last day. That's how long what's the so. Obviously you gotta ponytail. And i'm looking at. How long does it take for you to take that off. You had to put it back on the table. I don't know stay real quick. How did he take. How do you take the ponytail of when not do this point so i don't use a lot of house people will put hairpins or bobby pins and secure right but when i do this one i don't use no bobby pins hairpins at all. Doesn't cure it and he's in there so yours is secured in there without the ponytail. Without the bobby pins yes. Wow because you got skill set with how long like what's the average time to have this ponytail week. You female can use a leila point about a week. Banak did you notice what the average time that had the ponytail and is a week. Sometimes they'll do some south. The longest depends on when they go take a shower was how does that work. So would you take a shower. You just wrap your head off wit shallow cat. i. I'm gonna win when tiny takes shower tonight. I'm going and just watch. You probably wouldn't listen when the library just going in and study. I got a okay so boy when the two weeks or upper whatever i think. That's a long time two weeks the average for female to okay. Okay yeah so well. Okay let me phrase. That has a lot of times. They quicker because because it'd be hurting. Sometimes yeah it depends on how you when you sleep in. How do you know. I gotta ponytail right now trades and i got joy listening with words so superbly this whole science to this out process process before right before we get to the gorilla glue now now now now barbie. When it's time to take off the ponytail with the pony tail holder. How long does that process it a few minutes. Don't take law policy has only the easiest hairstyles. You could do. Like quick boom boom boom now barbie. What's the average price of the ponytail itself. This.

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