Saddam, Beaverbrook, Brendan Barty discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


To potential side effects such as severe boning kidney damage coming up celebrate new year's with your kiddos without having to make it to midnight tonight Hey how bout us still that at eight twenty four first every John more safe it is a pretty good drive this morning looks like we got Saddam is our biggest issue it is called the south I. seventy at the base of Floyd hill I see that's got a detour set up you go on the U. S. six of them are you due to around forty and come back up on the I. seventy route Beaverbrook but the drivers warning has not been a roof rack filled there was one question on the ramp from the boulder turnpike eastbound on the something like twenty five looks like that is real clear are you Dr this warning you're fighting a lot less traffic so you're getting the work a whole lot earlier or wherever you need to go yeah he spelled out to battle in the sun which drive through downtown good on I twenty five are you drive through the tech center in pretty good shape others a short way back to the south about two to five after Parker road that's gone and sore the backups this report is once my managers for its see here in Salem mattress firm shop now and save up to six hundred dollars when you get a king bed for the price of a queen or queen for the price of the twin plus you get a free adjustable bass when you spend just four ninety nine next update ten minutes on gateway eight fifty AM and ninety four one of them how would you like to be in your new home early in twenty twenty it can be a reality if you call Brendan bardic today you want an agent who uses marketing to create demand to drive up the price of the home you're trying to sell them call Brendan Barty chi it's April I'm talking about Brendan bardic at Keller Williams realty Brandon Jill finally called him they were looking to upgrade into their next home but we're a little discouraged when their current agent couldn't.

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