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Arguments are available. This is the first time a livestream. We'll be available to everyone. This is. This is kind of similar to what we were just talking about like taking something. That was totally possible before and because of current situations making something unprecedented happen. Yeah Yeah I can't wait to listen to this telephone conference. That sounds really high tech. And but let's we'll be using a we'll be advancing into the future with a telephone. Counselor isn't the first one in the first case is going to be Google versus a that is on the docket that would have been on the session but it is not listed. As being one of the sessions that will be telephoned. Okay WH- which company is it is apple versus Oracle Google? Okay Gotcha but that that that. That is not on the docket for this though. It could have been if this if this had not had to be delayed. So we're not sure when that case will be assigned actor is GonNa be juicy one. Listen to well. I mean it'll be fun for everyone to try to identify your favorite Supreme Court justice by their voice. Well now. No I understand the physical distancing and the fact that the need for that to happen kind of turned into well and then we can have an audio stream. Will we have audio streams of all cases from here on out if it works? Well I mean I don't see like who is going to be like. No that's something that shouldn't be offered anymore. I mean I don't know I guess it's a case by case hardy. Har But But yeah if this is. This is the way it's going to be going forward particularly for art. You know we follow cases all the time on the show just for personal interest. I think that's great to have a little bit more access to to what's going on behind the scenes still no cameras. They're not using zoom. You're not GONNA do not so no kitty cat. Welcome PAST NO LIFTING CANTONA'S S. Say It if you want to get all the tech headlines each day at about five minutes be sure to subscribe to daily. Tech HEADLINES DOT COM. We mentioned last week. That similar web reported Youtube website. Traffic was up fifteen percent. Although it was down like four and a half percent on the on the APP it was up fifteen percent on the web and generally video. Traffic has been up as people tune in during Cova Nineteen lockdowns. But that doesn't mean creators are seeing a lift in income or in revenue. That's because rates company pays for. Ads are dropping on video a survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau in late March showed that seventy percent of respondents said they hid either adjusted or paused their previously planned ads. Spending fewer people are making money. Fewer businesses are operating. So there's there's fewer reasons to advertise and there's also a glut of supply digital AD spending down by a third according to the AB. Hank Green tweeted in late March. That views across the channels he runs. Were up five percent while. Cpm's were down thirty percent. Interestingly that's because a lot of creators youtubers included are making more content right now which increases the inventory for the remaining people who do want to buy ads which then drives down the cost. Because there's not a a scarcity of AD slots there's tons of ads lots out there. Ib Data suggested that the spending probably won't bounce back fully this year. They're estimating we would get back to about eighty eight percent of plans spending by Q. Four and we wouldn't hit where we would have been otherwise until two thousand twenty one and of course Lamar you run a youtube channel. Also does this jive with what you're seeing on your personal metrics. Yes the money's gone. I'm sorry we should have talked about this before respond. Now it's funny because it is Kinda hits close to home right but seriously. Just keep some perspective. January through March traditionally pre pandemic. It's always terrible on youtube wheel. You know we always is always down. Fifty to sixty percent and ad revenue. So that's kind of respected we. Are We plan for that when you have the heavy season season between October and December so that suspected I'm more interested in seeing what happ what's going to happen and a second quarter April through June and so on because you know the the I already pre bought right so you know we know companies are going to be pulling ads now? I mean even this month I I took a look at my earnings. And they're about right at the twenty to thirty percent decrease over a year ago is about the article pretty much nailed it for that. So views are slightly up but the inventory which makes sense and the forest brand actual brain deals as well which come outside of Youtube. Most of the time Those are those are hard to come by renounce. Well you know they they just companies are making. It makes sense for them to pull wool. That am I concerned about? Of course I mean I saw them make my living. I WASN'T AS SMART as Utah to create a thing some years ago or dumb luck. I don't know you did it Because there's always the concern. You know 'cause you're really competing for dollars with everybody now I mean the hope. Is You know digital things still need advertising video games. You know services. Hbo Mexican becoming Al. I'm sure they're GONNA do camping a lot of campaign so you know the the hope is it maybe lower money so we may have to increase content. Which as article said the increase the content of actually drives down on radio example of like it makes sense locally for you to be like. Oh well if I increase the content that I have a better chance of getting ads. But if everybody's doing it that drives down the price of the ADS. Everybody agrees increase more content and it just goes out of hand like that so I'm planning on cutting a lot of people's cable I can I? I can have priority. Dust Rahal espionage from a safe distance. Six feet right. Yeah Very Long Shears. So yeah but there's definitely concerned But you know there's people who are are worse off I. It's hard for me to I mean I down on it sometimes but it's hard for me to really complain about that when I get to do this relative right. Yeah everything and this this is. This is an example of the uncertainty going on because We have businesses that are paused. Which means not going to spend on advertising which means that advertising money doesn't go to our creator which means that Creator doesn't spend money on something else that they would have spent among all spirals out now. The question is when the economy gets going again. Will people be able to pick back up and say okay? That was hard to get through but we got through it and we'll start spending the ads again. You know the mud not even dimension the wider economy spending on all kinds of things or will it take a while. And that's what I be is saying is is probably gonNA take a while because it's going to it even though it it's even if it's only been paused for a couple of months that's a lot of pieces to pick up for a lot of different companies right and try to catch up on exactly now but I'm hopeful like I was very hopeful to see you don't apple still roll out an IPAD and still roll out a macbook goodness apple things like you know people are and their people were were preordered him like people still want stuff during his time. You know. We're we're not on my spend on it then. I suppose that's good right. Because then that money gets spent and the company can spend that money on other things in a key if every straight exiting the. Nobody's GonNa make any money so yeah. Nothing's spinning is important. So yes Audience please spend please reporting on channel. I don't have a patriotic. You know. Unlike you know this amazing guy here figured it out years ago you could have one. I'm just saying I could. Yeah I know. We mentioned the INSTAGRAM. Live thing. And I know you're kind of a fan of that Before we move off of this any thoughts on like diversifying your your platform. Yeah so Sarah mentioned at about the The I G TV which is kind of like a mini youtube within within Instagram I've always been really bullish on it. Really excited about using and right now. It doesn't have monetization at but I think that's why it's a poor guy trying to get on it now so when they do have it. You're you're you're right there so then there featuring creators right now but I I. I love the program. I love the mobility of it. And the ease of it and it just it I think think diversification right now is seriously important. You know there's people are agent and hire who are jumping on tick tock because I don't know it's green tea. But it's working so yeah. Hey you know you you've been you've been touting. Igt SINCE IT launched Lamar remember it. In fact you were a guest right after lunch and you really really cool. People should pay attention to this and I know instagram is has. They were sort of in that that. Let's just see what works stage at first and then we're like It's kind of getting buried among all the other stuff that people'd visit instagram for. Let's give it its own place and now it's like well let's get a little bit more of a redesigns if people can discover more creator so it seems like there is a process that the companies figured out is working better. Because I agree with you. It doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves and maybe it's just because I'm not following the right creators but it's a IT'S A. It's a very cool platform that that seems underused. Absolutely I I I need to put more content on their exclusive. I studied just dumping stuff that I put on Youtube over there. Just chasms lucidity. It's just a fun platform and I expect to see. Some of your fund dances Sarah on their. Oh yes very soon. I'll get right on. Sundance is typically happen with VR. Headset on my head. So they're really fun these days. I don't look at all Otis. The dog is you know he's worried about me. Let's just put it that way. You can join in our conversation in our discord whether you're worried or not we'll take we'll take any conversation that you'd like to participate in with your peers. Joined by linked to a patron account at Patriotair dot com slash. Gt and I just posted a tick. Tock. Let's check out the mailbag twelve making it a pivot. Russell and Villa and two thousand twenty South Michigan Avenue in a few other folks. All really liked science week last week that was. Dns's you know it was Waco Science. We had all sorts of Tech News but we. We focused a lot on the science angles of news. That was was current. And what are illustrious guests brought to the table? Russell said just wanted to let you know. I Love Science Week. Could envision robotics week maybe an. Iot Week really liked it. A Bela said science week was wonderful. I hope it becomes an annual or maybe more often events and Michigan said Riley black fantastic guests more. Please absolutely have her tweet myself. I watched it was very nice. Yeah we definitely want to do this again like like Russell says with with other topics and everything. So I'm so glad everybody liked it. We ever Lamar Week. We'll talk about you. Yes yes wanted to give all I wanted to give a shout for coining a term. That might be in use already. But I had not heard about before Chris he he was a little little bayton switch he wrote an email and said I was very disappointed not to have a new. Gd I show up in my podcast yesterday. Then I realized it was Saturday how today's merged together. Happy Blurs Day crash. Day Chris and remember five blurs days out of the week. There is a new. Gdi So sorry for the Confusion Shadow. Tear patrons that our master and grandmaster levels including Kevin Hayes Brad Schick and Paul Boyer also. Thanks to Lamar Wilson. It's not the MARWIJK but we're getting there. Want to leave when we want to. You don't have to okay. I'M GONNA stay here for a while because this is nice day here for a while but when you do leave eventually and again no pressure. Never where folks find you outside it. Yeah we can find me on YOUTUBE DOT COM SLASH. Lamar Wilson where? I am still posting on boxing's and Maybe some gameplay.

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