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They've got guys to step in just time after time, and they keep coming through, so and then you've got you know, with the right headed hitting lineup. Later on. You've got a bunch of left hand hitters coming off the bench if you need it, so it's been really interesting. Yeah. Capitalist plan is working and and it's one of the It's one of the great things that they still need to hit better with guys on base, But you know, last night in particular. Diesel. Funny was so good. They just needed a couple of turkey hits and they got him and just a quick note on that to get good for Kapler, letting him go out for the night. So that was terrific. Actually wish he'd let him finish. Finish the game and we're listening to Crewe Co. Then he goes. You're talking about finishing a game complete games. He gets to get that 27th out. There's no feeling like it. It's the greatest feeling in the world. And you can't imagine what it does do a guy's confidence and I wish they'd let him getting take another shot at that 27th out. But these days, if you let a guy go go eight and two thirds it's unbelievable. Well, it was. You know, anytime you you get to save situation they always try to give somebody is safe. But I I was I'm all with you Listening to the game. I said, Yeah. Eight and two thirds. Come on. You got a 5 to 2 lead, and, you know, it's not like you're bringing John Blanchard up off the bench. Or, you know Jerry Lynch Jerry Lynch. Hey, we got very lucky Moto today. We got him in the show today. Very good, Bruce. Very good. Yeah. Dave Philly. Really? But yeah, I I agree with you, but he's an All Star and Gausman is not going to be an all star, obviously, because he's going to pitch Sunday. The Graham is out as well. And I would think Walker Buehler in disco. Funny. I mean, I would think you'd add those two No, absolutely. I mean, Walker Buehler, you know, gets a He's a lot more of a marquee name. He's been nothing but great since he came up and display fine. It's kind of resurrecting his career. So I think Bueller probably the first guy they look at, but absolutely it anti, Sclafani said. He didn't really have anything about going last night. You didn't have good stuff at all. And I think that's getting old. Yes, Yes, Yes, with that in his last start to that He just mauled everybody to Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, We had something. I'll tell you that. I think we're going to stop asking him that question in as Bill Parcells said. Your record speaks for itself. Yeah, He's been terrific. He really has been terrific Bill 27 outs. Were you surprised They pulled him at that last out. After eight innings because rubber you up and they were talking about him going eight innings. You still had 90 pitches when he went back out there. I was, like, okay, finish this thing because that's what you're out. Therefore And when you look at Herman Marquis, he's the only one who's got three complete games. He's at all stars. So I was thinking maybe capital is trying to push him to equal Marquez with three said, But you know I'm right with you guys. I mean, he should have just got one more hitter, tried one more. During the game. You know you saw Capital go out and talk to him. I'm loving that he's talking to his starters. He's not just pulling them before he talks to him. He's changed a little bit on that point, but my question to you today. Both you guys if you know, you know. Last night, the Giants played their only night game. They were the only team to play Nike me even though 6 15 was the start today, they're the first came up and they had to travel. Does the players association approved the schedule? Bruce? Do you know that if they have anything to do with it? Yeah, I'm really not on the inside of that. I'm not. I'm not sure how that works, but, um, no. I'm a little bit in the dark there, but I mean, it's it's good they're playing. I mean, it's not really a day game today. I don't know how it works. Is my answer. Marty. Yeah, I I think there's something about going time zones. Uh And then if you have a night game, which is I guess last night was a six of six dead started night game. And this is Is it a day game at 305? I don't know. But there are rules. Uh, you know, in this last agreement that said, you can't have these crazy trips, you know, play a game in New York on Sunday night. And a day game in San Francisco on Monday, so I would think there probably is something in there, Bill. Yeah, it doesn't come up very often as it used to who are really egregious violations of just you know, decency? Yeah, I don't. I don't think so. In that one. Hey, Um, Bruce, uh, we did want to touch on Larry Doby today. Uh, and that overlook him at all. July 5th 1947. He integrates the American League. We had Bob Kendrick on Saturday night from the Negro League Baseball Museum to tell the story. But you and I have done this show for so many years together, and each year we we recognize Larry Doby in his contribution to American society, baseball and what a tough time he had is just as a young 22 year old breaking into baseball. Yeah, I mean, you know he wasn't the first. But in the meantime, in 1947 he gets brought up around the All Star breakfast a few weeks after Jackie Robinson breaks in a few months, and he's the only black guy the American League. Come on. I mean that there were no interleague games. It's not like he and Jackie can get together before an interleague game and talk about what's what's going on here is the only black guy in the American League went through the same kind of thing. Jackie Robinson did and overcame it the same way as he said, You know, I just fought back all the stuff that came happy by playing as hard as they could and being one of the best the best players in the league, which he absolutely was. I mean, he was an all star every year for like, six years running. He led the league in just about anything you can name, including homers and RBIs along the way he was Almost the M V P for Yogi Bera, 1 1954 m v P. Magdalena was second he started and you know, they got to the Cleveland got to the series in 48. He became the first black player to hit, you know, Homer in the World Series off Johnny saying, no less. So he had a wonderful, wonderful career he played for in the Negro leagues. He was with the Newark Eagles. He's a New Jersey guy player from the Newark Eagles, and one year they knocked off the Legendary Kansas City Monarchs with Satchel Paige to win the that leader Leagues title. So really a very nice career. Um, I think he really wanted to top it off by being a manager, and it was it was. It was tough all the way into the seventies. You know he hadn't seen one. Finally, Frank Robinson breaks Tra in 77. I'm sorry. It was at 75 with Cleveland, but but Larry Doby was the second black manager in major league history with the White Sox. They fired. They fired Bob Lemon, and he took over and it just didn't work out. They went like 37 50, and he never got another chance. I think that that really bothered him. Yeah. I build you familiar with Larry Doby and Oh, for sure. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I grew up in Ohio. So he was a Cleveland Indian, and that was one of the things you need to follow the Indians and the Tigers and the Reds. That's kind of what I followed at and You know, I remember him being an all star. He seemed like he was in an All Star game every year, and I was just looking up seven time All star. That was one of the major things I remember about Larry Doby and some of the things that Bruce has said You can't put exclamation points around that because he just had a fabulous career. Of course, his numbers retired also, and you know that was that kind of guy that everybody kind of knew. But he wasn't that big name that everybody wanted to be that superstar when he was on a really good team. Yeah, Cleveland team had had a bunch of great and amazing pitching staff, which is really kind of the ongoing story of those Indians teams, Early win and Bob Feller and those guys Bob Lemon Garcia, but But he was an absolute mainstay. And as you said, you know the plan and all it was a fixture in the All Star game, which is very, very cool. He really He really made a tremendous career. You know, for himself against against heavy odds back then serious odds. Well, he's such a young man, and when they introduced them into the clubhouse, you know they signed them on July 3rd. Now it's July 5th. They get them in the game, and he strikes out and they basically don't use them much the rest of the year. But in the clubhouse when they brought him in, people just turned away, even shake his hand. And now we're not talking about Jackie Robinson, who's you know made issues on the bus. While he was in the Army, U C L A star and all the the Fabric that Jackie had to deal with all this stuff..

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