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Right now, it's only like twenty by fifty. Yeah. But that's that's huge to me. That's that's all that. That'll yeah. I have three quarters acre in folks. Vacation used to sell the Chinese restaurants. I going with the BOK Choy and the Dicon snow peas. Join the ecstasy's. Well, you know, that's the great thing about vegetables, you can do a lot in a relatively small area many years ago. Oh on my national show. I had a I had a regular guest. I believe they were out of Pasadena. They were out of Pasadena, California, and they had a regular size lot in a regular neighborhood. It was just a small line wasn't big. And they made a living off of that. And they did what you did. They sold to the different they all organically, and they were one hundred percent vegetarian their family, and they had plenty of food for themselves, and they did canning and all of this all on one line. It was in other words, it was what the definition now is of sustainability, and they were literally living off of the land. It was pretty amazing. We're talking about the deer proof landscape. I was thinking to myself. I'm not a vegetarian that sounds like Bambi burgers to me. Well, I'll tell you one thing they can do a lot of damage and the deer population. They're multiplying like rabbits in so. I'll go down the streets of alachua in the subdivision here, and they'll just stand on the street. Oh, like a gang. You just said it I patiently wait, and sometimes they don't want to move. They just stay right there. But anyway, listen, it was wonderful talking to you. Cindy, thank you. And I'm glad you brought up a major point about the winter vegetables. I if I may I wanted to tell you about this plant that I'd had for thirty eight years. I want to hear about it. Stay on the line. And we'll talk to you after the break. Just hold on..

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