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Day. It feels like the holiday today was gold games going on this to be state. Has notched a 1910 win over Illinois. LSU right now, it's a last check 49 to 7 over happiness perdue. Tulane and SC and the cotton bowl, the rose bowl left and of course the national championship next Monday night. Let's go to Randy in Ohio. Hello, Randy. Hey, Paul. Hey, hey, this is the guy that called you two years ago when they was talking about canceling your show and said we compare that executive to the moron that canceled Star Trek. I don't know if you remember that or not. But I just want to talk to you about the game really disappointed in the final outcome, but I know we see is great. And without the SEC and the Big Ten, there wouldn't be college football. Let's face it. You got two conferences that really stand out. But for that hit in the end zone on Marvin Harrison junior, here's how I see it, Paul. You probably ain't gonna put this on there because you don't like what I'm saying, but Kirby smart, he trained under the best cheater of all time, Nick Saban, who he trained under the best, very best year of all time in the prose. So anyway, here's how I see it. When you're getting out coach, and you're getting mouth played, and here's Sabin's motto and Kirby's apparently in line with it, just send the thugs in and take out the other team's best player. Mick did it in the Texas game and Kirby did it. I guess to Ohio State. Do you want to take Marvin Harrison out? And you win the game. So they can talk about how great they are and how proud the team and blah blah blah you got a bunch of bugs in the SEC Paul. It's always been their motto when you can't do the entertainment. You were definitely wrong. No, I'm not. No, no, no, no, you were wrong. And you know why you were wrong? About what? What am I wrong? You said I wouldn't let you say what you did. I've let you say what you did. And the longer you talk, the bigger fool out of yourself you make. To me, Randy, you just say rotten stinking lousy loser from Ohio. That's what you are. Kirby smart like Kirby smart had one thing to do with one of his players on a debatable call that was, it was a close call. I'll agree with you, but are you trying to tell me with a straight face that Kirby smart ordered that hit? Oh, absolutely, Paul. If you don't know that, you're not paying attention. Would you like to offer some evidence of that Randy? Cool. Well, other than you. If you can't take him out of the game, you get your butt kicked because they weren't getting their butt kicked by 14 points when he sent in the silverbacks to take the guy out of the game. Slow down a quick question. When did the no call call occur? What moment of the game? Do you remember? Yeah, the end of the third quarter. Okay. Buckeyes had a 14 point lead. I didn't ask you to recite the Magna cart. I just simply asked a simple question. Again, I will do the questioning, okay? After the first quarter, when Marvin Harrison was such a big factor, can you cite me his accomplishments in the second and third quarter before the so called concussion occurred? Well, no question. I am going to ask the question and you're going to answer it. My question again. Okay. Comment down, okay? I know you're a big mouth, run it out, run your mouth off, foaming at the mouth, the guy from Ohio. But this is my show, and my question to you one more time is this. In the second and third quarter, cite to me the accomplishments of Marvin Harrison junior before the injury or not injury occurred. Can you give it to me? Well, I want to know, Paul. Cancer. I want an answer. I want to know how many catches he made in the second quarter and in the third quarter. I'm waiting for the answer. So you're trying to tell me that Kirby smart put a hit on a guy who had not made a catch in the second and third quarter. Are you going to tell me next thing? I'm going to tell you one thing. You're an absolute moron. Thank you for the call. And I'm going to let Daryl come back and answer because I think Daryl is entitled to it. What do you got, Daryl? Well, I have first of all, you have heard the name Maurice Perez. Familiar with that name, how are you sir from here with that quarterback? Well, let me say this. That hit was legal, okay? It was nasty. It was nasty, but it was legal. They played it. It was not helping. It was children's shoulder, but Carl is coppers and a school and a player a thug. When you come from a house with all the thugs you head up there, I mean, give me a freaking break dude. You have a chance to win a game. They're gonna kick a joke. Oh, I gotta ask you something while you round back on the air. I forgot to ask you this. Are you aware of this poll? There are many, and I mean Mindy, okay? Size on YouTube. That is used in your face to get people to listen to their stuff and once you listen to it, you're not on it at all. Are you aware of that? Darryl, I was not aware of that, but I appreciate the heads up. We'll Randy, can you look into that during a break? Let's continue. Adam, in an Alpharetta, Georgia, hello, Adam. Hey, Paul, thank you for taking my call. Rainey got me fired up and I'm glad you put me on because this is kind of what I was calling about. First, congrats to Ohio State. They played a game that gave us Georgia fans a multiple heart attacks all night long. But I keep hearing these two same arguments. First, the curvy smart didn't get the timeout in on time on the fake plant. And that it should accounted. The problem is, Ohio State had 12 men on the field. That's a reviewable play that would have been a penalty. Second, let's say Marvin catches that ball in the end zone. And there's no hit by building. The hat was off. He went out of bounds, came back in. That's an illegal touch. Ten yard penalty takes around a field goal range. And they have to punt. Ohio State played a great game. They just lost. And that's it. Good olds, one last thing, is any falcons, agents are listened, move up and draft CJ Stroud. Thank you. Thank you. Will is up next. Hey, will. I knew from the moment that he took place, that's what we'd be hearing about on Monday on the Paul fine bomb show. This is football. You have to protect yourself at all times, but Paul, the reason I called is going into the weekend, I was really down on college football, but college football delivered man. And everything dominates in the headline. What a week of college football, a weekend, exactly, but the thing that it's a small thanks, Paul, that stick out to me though is the twin to ice the kicker and the last year playing BT Potter.

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