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Wanna know what your reaction was offensively any getting kicked in the face by Tony Brown? Let me know what you think. Good old Spencer landing. Good, dude. I miss miss. I wish he wouldn't get kicked in the face. That was like she'll the deal on his career. Tonio Brown kicked in his face. And then ran in for touchdown. Like, why would you kick someone in the phase AB and worked? I don't know our reaction. I don't know if it was live. It was kind of my thing was like, well, the Deb really just happen. And it was I think that was my first game. We Browns was that'd be open opener. I think so it was the Steelers opener twenty fourteen. It's it's literally my first game was a Cleveland Brown. I come Bengals. And I'm like, oh, wow. This is how it's going to. This is going to be like first game out the gay at Tonio flying kick Bom to to the dome piece to such a good due to and. Yeah, he was he was cool about it. It was of like what are the chances? Someone kicks you in the face a football game. Yeah. That's definitely the most rare thing I think I've ever seen because it's something that you don't see in life much less happen in real time on a football field. And yeah, like does Antonio Brown. Do a lot of kick box training in the offseason for him to just dude and run up and kick kick them in the face. And then keep running. That's only thing that I can think of my only thing that I was like out AB has to be such like deep down under like a whole who would think that just kicks in the face like, I could make a miss or you know, what here's a good idea. I'll jump up and kick them in his face agree. Like, that's just demoralizing embarrassing. And yeah, he's a different kind of that was probably to go back to our last question. Another strange thing. The other thing is I was also I seen live the Jerome Simpson flip into the end zone. Remember that? Cardinals. Oh, you guys are playing the cardinals. Yeah. That was that will that was the league. And I'm like that was another one of those instances where I'm like the debt just happened in front of my face and still to this day. I see that video can't believe someone actually did it. So this guy is the MVP voicemails asking questions, actually. So what I'll do is I'll play this always male. And then we'll go back and roundtable like rapid fire. These questions for all of us. Joe Hawkins fat net. You guys ask for questions, and I got about twenty of them dinosaur, but your favorite smell or hot dogs sandwiches? What an animate object would you eliminate from existence? What's the weirdest thing you've seen in someone else's home? So we're song you've ever heard. Do you believe in goes, do you believe in Bigfoot? What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a locker room and as always? All right. The president of that. The question asked you on the show. Very intimidated right now. Agra for got a hold of all those questions and was able to subscribe them..

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