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One three point one in thirteen ten kfi k. A. quarterback room with tila mccaffrey presented by first advantage. Welcome back to the show dila. Mccaffrey may hanging out put in some overtime here on the show. Today i'll do it. It's a fun show. I enjoyed man. Hey it's more fun. After a w right everything is definitely the food tastes. Better use expecter. I mean it's all good man. It's fantastic isn't that dub. We talked about northern arizona. Doing what they did last week. I mean that and he'll be in the pac twelve team that's got to feel even a little bit better coming up beating the team like that. No doubt man and they've had some great games pass. Sure they'll continue to have some great games. They're a good football team. So every time and that is really nice win against arizona before which you know always feels good from us feels makes makes us and we compete with anyone which we truly cannot believe how now you got another team that they didn't beat wyoming at the beginning of the season but montana state took it to the limit against the cowboys up north. They ended up losing nineteen to sixteen since. Then it's been easy sale and they Drake forty five to seven. Usd fifty to ten portland state last week. Thirty two seventeen so montana state. You guys are on the road. This is always a tough battle and this conference is just good. There's no way around this good conference now. This is a really solid conferences. There's so much depth here man there's really mean we don't play a bad team the rest of the year. Yeah which is kind of fun. It's it's a heck of a challenge but every game's gonna earn. There's no no. Gimme games left. So dylan talk to us a little bit all right you. You've got a chance to go back and analyze the film from the week. And now you start turning that page and look at montana state and you know if you just look on the surface i mean. They do a lot of things right. Obviously jumping in with the three in one record. Start the season. What are some of the things that stick out to you early on in the week. I know it's monday but just a couple of things out couple of things pop out is just. This is a solid program that is used to winning. And you look at the past years. They've They've won a lot of ball games and that's something that our team is is just now getting used to but something that would be awesome to kind of overcome is just that that factor of winning of a successful program stuff to beat. Sometimes but i mean. I think if once we get that done it'll it'll really kind of set in on us now getting back out on the road to again. I just think this kind of early wins your first conference game. You're winning at home and again. It was a gritty performance. But taking a win like that the confidence that you guys have in each other now knowing. Hey even when we're not at our best. We found a way to get a w. so taking adult now on the road for this coming saturday. I mean that's got to be a big time. Plus oh yeah got from a road. Games are hard especially with both these montana schools. I've i've heard they have some some pretty awesome crowds which is something you got to honestly look forward to just just as a football fan as a football player but definitely make it. Make it harder to play the game. Sometimes you're out there. I mean hearing some noise and something though that you gotta use you gotta just embrace and enjoy. What's that like for you with the noise. I mean obviously have to have great communication with your coaches with your offensive line with all with all your guys really. How much does it bother you. Because you've played in some big time stadiums before and in front of some big time crowds. Yeah definitely You know it kind of helps tune things out. Sometimes it can kind of help you lock in more especially when quarterback usually you'll be on silent count and he's really loud stadiums and you gotta be yelling anything which in a way makes little easier. Just look the defense move. Whatever whatever the teams whether it's a clap or a hand whatever and ball comedy instead of instead. Y'all how the canes little time which i've always found that kinda of nice oh yeah well. I'm looking forward to it again. We'll have all that coverage for you on one or three point one. Thirteen ten thirteen ten dot com. All over the place you'll be able to. You'll be able to catch. It cannot wait for this game. Though as we knew getting into conference play was going to be exciting. And so far. So i love the fact that we just mirrored what happened and lamar ten and then we reverse that seventy ten. I think the first thing in the post game show and coach. Mccaffrey was coach. Said you know what it was. It was sad as i was at the end of that last game it over time. It's like completely replaced. Complete one eighty so it just got feel so great to get that one definitely mine. And that's when we talked about last week is learning from those mistakes. Every game is going to have mistakes but if you learn from them. That's kind of thing that can happen. You know you get put in the same situation. She never happened again. You put in the same situation ends up with different outcome dylan last one for you. I know i know you watch some of the games yesterday and the nfl side of it. also ask you this. What are the rams the best team in football right now after that performance last night if they keep that rolling. I'm gonna. i might agree with you there. There a solid program. There's a couple a couple of other teams. I mean given their money. So we'll see it's a it's a fun team to watch moon for man. I like stuff staffers doing there. So i like what you said you you Having some familiarity with that area like man when they lose a guy like stafford a lot of the fan bases like good luck to you man like they're more or less almost happy for the guy because they just know it's going to the lions just find ways to lose lose good players. It's just it's how it goes. Yeah it was wild scene lines fans man. I never i mean most people are pretty pretty upset when their star player leaves but a lot of those fans were happy for him in a way. He's going somewhere where his chance succeed because they love him out there man and and rightfully so he's a he's kind of with detroit legend with stuff he did and obviously a little more success but i mean it wasn't really his fault in any of that has a history of barry sanders alvin johnson. Matt stafford i mean he's guys are hall of famers and they don't have anything to really. I mean matt had some of those playoff games right berry. I played in one playoff game there hall of famers the walk away from a a program that just never really built around him. Yeah yeah it is pretty well but there they are doing a lot of good things still and that program. I mean every year They look a little bit better now. They almost almost catatonic yesterday was record-breaking field goal to get now. They did what they're supposed to do this week. And that's a hard play for the ravens and make in most teams most kickers. Don't make that play when you talk back there. Hey guess emailed it and that's shout the ravens for finding a way again. That's part of football. Just find a way to win and they did but lines. They were right there man. Honestly i mean it's tough to say they should have won the game but they could've they had just just an opportunity. Hey when takes a record breaking a record to be cowboys or eagles tonight. That's a good question man in dallas. Right it's dollars. Yeah i'm going to have to go. I'm gonna go with the cowboys. I that we liked that pig. Dylan my friend. Congratulations on a fantastic. When we love doing these segments with. You're getting to know you more. My friend be rooting for you this weekend. All right thank you. Thanks for having me man. It's blessed all right. We'll talk to you next week. And just keep him and keep after montana. State coming up this saturday again. We'll have a four one three point one thirteen ten. Kfi and thirteen cave k. dot com. We'll take a short break. We'll we'll wrap up. We'll talk a little bit about what happened in the nfl this weekend. Get to some college football action as well. It's the whole show powered by. Cdc energy live from the outer collision specialist studios one sports from the coach tune into clark and the coach weekdays at eleven a northern colorado's voice. One zero three point one in thirteen ten kfi k. Everything you need to know about northern colorado is unknown code now weekdays at nine northern colorado's voice one zero three point one in thirteen ten. Kfi k it's harrison win with dnv our nuggets. You're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten ks k. Chris do we need to send out the whole again welfare. Check team to find dixon. Cheap.

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