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Five seven 24 1060 made possible by heritage business systems for satisfaction is our heritage cloudy skies with rain at the way lots of at going down to sixty six california authorities say firefighters made significant progress over the weekend good batting wildfires that devastated the say states wine country and nearby areas nor spotted steve futterman with more the number of homes and other structures destroyed keeps on rising a fish shows that estimate at least eighty four hundred have been destroyed that's up from the previous estimate of seventy seven hundred the death toll remains at 42 making these fires the deadliest in california history on the frontlines fire crews have generally contain the fires the two most destructive fires are now both more than ninety percent contain the fires have been among the worst in california is history if you're wondering why you're gaining weight try ditching the junk food a new study shows chips chocolate and other fatty sugary starchy foods can muddle ancient human instinct for determining how many calories a snack or a meal contains scientists from the uk's university bristol believe our ancestors developed a radar for evaluating how much energy they would get from what they ate that drove them to seek out healthier things like wild honey meat and tubers findings published in the journal appetite deborah rodriguez cbs news mothers around the world have a similar response to crying babies new research shows that moms appear to have a universal response both in their behaviors and in their brains when they hear the baby's cry moms from eleven countries consistently picked up held and talk to their infants when they heard the infants pry separate studies suggest young children can distinguish what makes adults go all amer scans were also taken a mother's brains which revealed heightened activity and regions tied to caregiving movement speech the findings proved there is a direct connection between the brain and behavior when you've been on the boulevard for more than forty years he got to be doing something right right well what's been raided chapman ford on the.

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