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K F. KFI AM six. Let's get back to those phone call. Boy. A Betty Betty, you're on KFI. Hey, tim. Hey, betty. So anyway, back in the early nineties, personal assistant and cook for a family here in Malibu back. Yeah. Yeah. It is. I've been here for thirty years. Is that without saying who it is? Is it a celebrity note? Okay. Wealthy old couple. Actually, you know, not not a kazillionaire just bought bought property before it went into orbit and built the house. Wow. And so it's on the southeast side of the of the point. And we were saved by six houses from the fire. But anyway, they treat you right. Oh, yeah. We've known each other for forty three years I've been working for them for thirty. And yeah, it works out. Really? Well. Really well, and but back in the nineties back in the day when he would use his house for movies and commercials. Dick Van Dyke show murder with what would they call bag does murder, and your father was in one of the characters played one of the characters and Dick Van Dyke, of course, and Harvey Korman. Okay. And let's see I think your father played a gardener or something like that. How they tweet the the script. So we have an electric cover for our pool. It's a lap pool. And I think he had to be in the pool. And so they jacked up the heat to a kazillion degrees. And then I believe I want to say it was in summer, and it was a fluke rain. So the production had to stop and they had to come back. I think on Monday film, Thursday and Friday, and I am of course, you know, your father is very quiet, very focused and his pardon runs in the family. Yeah. Who clear there throughout just now? But I beg could you bring your wife here? Staying our guests. We, you know, bother you. We won't iceberg dot up for you. Oh, those very speedier. But he he was just, you know, just great. And then our neighbor new, you know, the ruins. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So I called them and said, hey, come on over and watch the dick Martin. Yeah. Dick, Martin and. No, it was Tom com. Ronin dick Barton, right? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, no. But it was dick Martin. He was still alive. Yeah. Yeah. He was died because Tom father died, and so then he came over. And it was just like, you know, who else? Even fight it. Somebody else. Oh, yeah. I think so 'cause I turned around and I go. Wow. But and you'll Harvey Korman was great watching him because he was such a catchy. But it was it was it was memorable. We appreciate you calling. Well, I I've been for like the last four or five years, I've been wanting to share this story with you. Let's very nice you and you make this jobs. Look so easy. Sounds so easy. And so I come in early and. Excuse me. I'm sorry. He makes things easy. You come in early. Five minutes to six o'clock is early. Here at noon. I start trying to find articles and audio editing. I'm searching for sure. Guests. I'm doing. Sorry. She was yelling at something else. I I met the the production exit luck Eddie you're spot on the first time. I worked my ass off. I'll ask you wife. Yes. Thank you. Hello to your father. I will remember this speech again. Okay. All right. Take care. There. She goes, oh what a great lady. Just a beautiful human being listening to the program. I like that you're on KFI AM six forty. Hey, hey, y'all. How are you? Okay. Good. Where are you this weekend? You know, what I'll tell you what I'm visiting in Long Beach with my new show. I'll really what parts of Long Beach. You think you'll end up going to cold FEMA region goals? What is it called? Again. It's cold FEMA region. Femur region. That's great. We're going to need a Starbucks. That's been a CIA headquarters for the last ten years. And what do you think you'll order? What do you think? You'll order. I'll tell you what. If that chickens looking good. I'm gonna order it. Hey up. That was one of the greatest ones he ever did was up in Newbury park or Newbury, California. And there was a guy that was selling rocks and to get the real true color to show people. What rocks? He was selling. He would lick them. And he'll actually did that you're right. He said, why is the ACA I lick in them rocks? Anyways. Great job impression. Thanks for phone dairy goes, man. That's great. That is. Funny stuff. All right. Who's been on hold he long as Matt you're on KFI. Right. Gig dog from the desert. Hey, where in the desert, are you Bob, Rancho Mirage, I love it there. Yeah. I gotta tell you. I got a couple of buddies in the radio business and they work for iheartradio as well. And they're over in Atlanta on a conservative conservative talk show station. Okay. Yeah. They they have a they have a sponsor and there a law firm, and they are called Conaway and Strickler. Right. Look it up. That's great. Every time. I hear that commercial a makes me laugh, and I think that is funny as hell, man. I look that up. Conaway? And just to follow up on that other lady. I was also blessed enough to be both in the eighty nine earthquake. And and the north or two of you in one night that scares the hell out of me. I would say in Stanford's. Well, hell I live. You know where I live now. I mean distances. Yeah. This is the southern terminus, but I lived in Richmond district, and I was hanging out with the fraternity brother, and we were laughing, and you're kidding high. Getting ready to go watch the ballgame at his house a Daly city by the time, we got to his house he power, and we saw how horrible everything was. And then my ex wife, and I we lived on Moore park at laurel Ken. Oh, wow. And that house was rocking and people died on more parts. That finger Moorpark all the way paralleling Ventura boulevard was especially hard hit. Yeah. Well, it was all those sob story apartment library got hit pretty good on on. Right. Just west of woodmen or Hazeltine. Hey what? But eighty nine that was what was that the giants? And as yes, sir. Yeah. I remember coming down the four oh five I was going north on the four zero five coming down the sepulveda's the incline into the valley when I was listening to on radio sudden telecast or the radio broadcast went blank. And I thought something was wrong with my radio. Then they came on a couple minutes later saying there's a massive earthquake in San Francisco. Yeah. My like, I said, it was my bread or my fraternity brother, and I will lay out in the Richmond district about three blocks from the beach, so bad. And then we saw what really went down. Yeah. That's pretty cool. Anyway, thanks for phone. A man that's really that's cool story weekend. Thanks, bob. You to he goes Conway and Strickland. That's pretty cool reference to Doug Stettler, the guy who used to work with overhead Kayla sex, and then here for a while as well when the funniest men in the world Doug stickler, Douglas Marsden secular from South Dakota. All right. Let's take a few more calls. We come back one eight hundred five zero one KFI including dawn on line six with a question for bender. Ooh. Mysterious bender. What's going.

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