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Yeah so i don't know i've been just fiddling around with sattar has like arctic world yeah because it there's a lot of stuff that came on japan is going to say that in a they the limited library but you know from japan then some really good stuff but also like there's a lot of that stuff that you look at is really good stuff is arcade stuff sure that you playing today you would not go back to the saturn version of streetfighter alpha three right even though that's a fantastic version of that game and like that's that's awesome the lowlands like yeah exactly yeah saying you would just give you would emulate the are name version if you're if you're at a point where you're you're like you've crossed that gap dislike let's fuck and get it in play games new could go for the real thing year you're bringing that's your yvo hotel room you're not bringing the saturn only a consul exclusives like zinke and stuff yes there are there are some cases where where there are some some specific things in some of those versions but i assume this it what does that cps to yeah like beloit road on like a decent laptop yeah that'll cbs use the run on dam near eighth anything we could trucking soft modern xbox and bitter on that she had if he won mata three d s and get it the like there's all kinds of for wild ways you idea got an xbox at home that runs like final burn alpha and it's got all the cps stuff in the asia stuff like that's my fighting game box it's pretty fokker yet sticks foot or any good for the for xbox yet get some old like a piest to xbox converters oca okay i'll do that are like pius one to exploit you've got an xbox hooked up at home right now.

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