Crush at Kabul airport kills 7 as Afghans try to flee


The British military says at least seven Afghans died in a panicked crush of people trying to enter Kabul's International Airport thousands are still trying to flee the country a week after the Taliban takeover in the scene at the gates of Kabul airport has been chaotic at times with people camping outside them for days allied troops are trying to manage the ground as the check documents British army sergeant major dance but man many see the process is working the common stock available it was not good that's how things turn Saturday transports some succumb to the heat with temperatures above ninety degrees Fahrenheit others may have been trampled suffocated for suffered heart attacks Caliban fighters fired into the air to try to drive the crowds back the Taliban have pledged amnesty to those who worked with the U. S. NATO and the toppled government but many Afghans still fear revenge attacks I'm Ben Thomas

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