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Play of the game is brought to you by soldiers Power. See if your home qualifies for zero down solar at soldier power dot com and Brian Griffin. He was effective. He played just 11 minutes. He had eight points. He was three of six from the field to go along with four rebounds, including Askew say getting was a post arising somebody over the bucket. That's right. That's right. He also three of those rebounds were offensive Joe and that the coaches staff loves that because that's just related. Effort when you get offensive rebounds, But looking at final scoring, Kiki Tanning led all scorers with 24 points and 32 minutes of play. Good to see that he was Back in the lineup for the Musketeers and making a significant contribution. As the most influential offensive player in the game, Paul Scruggs and he was terrific. He had 15 points. Six rebounds, seven assists in four steals and 39 minutes to play. He just willed his team. The victory Johnson Nate Johnson have five points. In 35 minutes of play. He also had two steals. He's really good on the defensive end and guano to my I wish we had a chance to talk to Travis about him, Joe because the more he plays, the more you see how special player he is just doing the little things He goes. He has a point. Five rebounds, six assists. But what jumps out are the two block shots show that he had and the one still a lot of times he was he was blocking. Jump shots.

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