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There's a real dangerous possibility here that congress is going to do everything they can to slow down the economy to run up twenty twenty and to make things better for their candidate their democratic candidate, more regulation, more taxes, more obstruction. I mean, look, I think one of the best things that could happen is the shutdown. I I actually am in love with shutdown. Nothing's getting done in Washington. At at at at up, usually the things they do are so positive for everyone lose them. I know, but there's there's some real real trouble coming in Washington. But more importantly things like UBS came out. And there. They're not managing as much money as they should be. Let's put it that way. In a very nice way. The banks are in trouble, especially over in Europe things are headed towards a course that looks very reminiscent the two thousand eight only worse, and you need to be prepared. Please. I feel like the Glenn of two thousand seven when I said to you, please look at what you have in your 4._0._1._K, look at your IRA look at your investments, and please consider diversifying spread it out as much as you can and gold should be a part of that portfolio. It should be. You should have some physical gold and physical silver, not paper gold. Please consider it right now. Go to Goldline dot com, Goldline dot com or call one eight six Goldline one eight six Goldline read the important risk information. Find out if it's right for you. One eight six six Goldline. One eight six six Goldline or Goldline dot com. The magnetic poles.

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