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It it is fun to make fun of everybody that goes up there and does it but the problem is most of these people are the ones who are making fun of everyone else and then they find themselves in need of rescue hey i have fallen i've been bleeding i've been on the trail a little too long and the sun started to set on me yeah i found myself in situations just like this but the best way to avoid it is to make sure it's not one hundred degrees outside make sure you have enough water and make sure you know the trail the knowing the sun high time i'll the resorts i think there's a certain measure of that and and i think it's because if you were to go and you were to go up the flagstaff or something or you know you'd go up in the northern arizona we're going to go hiking we're going to go mountaineering we're gonna go speed long king i don't even know what it is blood moon jumped in caves every case you where you would say i know what i'm going to do i think it is deceptive because camelback of smack dab in the middle of town pierced peak is right here in the middle of town that people say well how difficult can it be i can see it from my i think hey agreed tip i if you're not good enough at hiking or prepared enough to do pasta or camelback the phoenix mountain preserve trails just walk the trails you can take the dog over there look at that say it's quite relaxing yes wander around secret people out there that's why i do it when it's one hundred and and then what it does cuts out the riffraff hate there's got a lot of time so that when you go usually over you know i usually do a selfie of some sort of editorial so at least guys nowhere to go look for the body because again i'm not calling calling for rescue it's not going hey that is the number one safety tip the deer doing it right you take you take a selfie here's somebody know exactly what your lungs i look like i'm the idiot here now i like it when it's hot outside so what qualifies.

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