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To kill the sale. The Mets to hedge fund billionaire Steve Cone, necessarily cash in with the tails. The New York Post is reporting that the mayor called the Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred a few weeks ago to say he'll do whatever he can to stop the sale. City field sits on city land, so the mayor claims the city has to say in ownership changes based on a morals clause, Cohen's hedge fund as say. C Capital Advisors pleaded guilty in 2013 to insiders. Writing. A trader's pleaded guilty, But Cohen wasn't among them. I'm Sara Lee Kessler for 77 double You. ABC News governor Phil Murphy says the state is definitely facing a second wave of corner buyers, and he's urging residents to double our efforts towards slowing the spread. The second wave of the Corona virus is no longer something off in the future. It is coming and it is coming now. Giants Lyman Will Hernandez testing positive for covert 19 Thursday night. Football. Falcons and Carolina W B C News times 605 traffic in transit up Next now you forecast in the Ramsey Mom's the Weather Center tonight. Rain low 47 tomorrow rain still cool highs in the mid forties. 49 in Central Park. It's 45 in plain view that's forecast in the Ramsey mas the weather Center from the 77 BBC Newsdesk on Bob Round. Next update at 6 30 Streaming 24 7 on the All new 77 WNBC Mobile app. W A B C traffic in transit. There's an accident down a route 24 in New Jersey. Westbound lanes right around exit to Columbia Turnpike. We've got a slowdown. Also a collision on the South Bay on Sunday to 27 approaching exit three new door on road westbound to 80 with some heavy traffic coming in through this tickle drawbridge. Traffic is still slow north on the hunch up through my marina Gavin knew, however, that accident is cleared. And Tampa Zee Bridge looks good in the Rockland County, but some heavy traffic north bound on the Thruway from nine W up to the Palisades Parkway. I'm G trolleys, Talk radio 77 77 W. ABC. Hurry and sit in the morning. The media constantly gave credit to Europe and they said Europe,.

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