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Lisa, Attorney General Kate Ellison, Officer discussed on PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman


I'm Lisa listen Arraf fox news state Attorney General Kate Ellison says three more police officers face criminal counts and one officer in the George Floyd case has had his charges upgraded the new counts begin with second degree murder against Derek schaffen and continued charging the other three fired officers to file J. H. Yang and Thomas lane aiding and abetting murder in the second degree a felony offense Ellison noted past difficulties in obtaining murder convictions against police officers but he told the public that George towards life is worth the effort we will seek justice for him and for you and we will find the very fact that we have filed these charges means that we believe in the second degree murder as well as aiding and abetting the crime both could mean up to forty years in prison colonel Scott fox news family attorney Ben Crump reacted to the neighbors heard the general keep Ellison the family is grateful do you have a long track record river now has been a champion for civil.

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