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It is Friday November thirtieth twenty eighteen I'm Mike sergeant. And right now, we are going to talk about new stuff coming to social media accounts. Apple music on a certain smart speaker Marriott having an epic fail and so much more. Because this is the I more show. Now, as I said Georgia, and I agree that if we were going to do this podcast that we would never be on a same episode again. Apparently, we're still holding to that we have Georgia out Rene out. But of course, we have the steadfast and and full of excitement and joy, it is Mary Gill. Hello, laurie. Now, you did promise puppets. And all I had on hand was a sock. So. Welcome to the show. Great. I love that. I wish puppet right now. See I was scrambling. It was like what can I use to make is? But I am I hate hate hate the feel of cotton balls. I it's probably weird some people get it. But I cannot say the Cotton Bowl. So I don't have any in my house. And it was like see this is the one time when cotton balls would've worked quickly stuck them on top and made some is. But. Sokoll just have to do this. Pretty good. Thank you. Thank you. It's when every time they do they're so simple. You've got plenty of them in your house..

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