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Imperial China whether you're that was yeah and the Chinese are getting invaded by this guy named Borey Khan. And a bunch of these are people from the north. and. All of China is declared to have their families send. Their male one male representative to be in the army to fight back against these people Moulin is kind of a Tomboy and she deceives her father. Nazis her father but goes against her father's wishes and deceives the entire Army and joins the army as disguises of male when she's obviously a female and it is about her in a Chinese, in a world where she is not supposed to be. In she is probably the most bad ass character within that world. So bought her kicking ass taking names. So the basic same plot from the animated movie a few little subtle changes What did you think? Let's start you amy I'm more Asian than you but you are more hourly appearing Asian than me so I think. It's only be fair. The you start sure you're opening thoughts. Thank thanks for the. Weird we were talking about this. I was like. Everybody looks more aged than me. Technically I'm Asian. Thanks for putting down asianised. Oh hid opening thoughts. So I'll start off by saying I kind of have I feel like I'm unique in that. Obviously I'm Asian but and I've seen a lot of the Disney Renaissance Movies Milan was past the point I started caring about. Like. This. I've never actually seen the original loan. Okay. Yeah. So I had nothing to compare this to i. was kind of a Guinea pig in that I wasn't biased towards the original I was seeing this I know what the story is but was seeing this to see this I didn't know what would any I didn't have any point of comparison. So. Obviously saw the movie. Right away when I, these types of movies I, default to just a six hundred ten. Like it's it's good but then I thought about it more and I'm just like. There's a lot of like the story is is is a solid story It's kind of a an inspirational tale about a woman in all -mongst a very male dominated society saying no in fighting for what's right and doing heroic things. So on on the surface, it's a good story but overall I just the movie to be kind of planned. Oh, there's some interesting parts here and there there's some. Okay like action and different like Nice colors, colors, schemes but then there's some like really bad green screen The dialogue is this really Shitty. At. Times. The. The way it moves from the pacing is a little weird. So overall I just like. I haven't seen a lot of the Disney remakes the. The. Overarching theme a lot of Mr just flat and I felt like this was just flat like I watched the film and I mean I call pausing every twenty minutes to look at my phone or do something else it just. You know there's some decent stuff in here but overall I mean I think I think. The reason I brought up that a default to these being six out of ten I think in. I'm reconsidering that is I think we should expect more from big budget movies like this. And with a cast like this and the amount of money and the amount of power behind this to get something that this kind of just this flat is. Kind. Of, disappointing. Interesting rugs. What are your thoughts? Okay. So I saw Mulan when it came out I thought it was very good though I never watched it again. Yeah. Yeah. That was very, well done. Actually beautifully animated you know lines drawn animation. Classic. Yeah it's great music is Great Eddie Murphy's in it is great. So It's a different thing. It's a cartoon comes even do more. We can the comedy do more with the dead. But the thing is even the comedy of the cartoon. Some of the moments were handed handled better. Yeah. All right. So Multiple. People have pointed this out, but I also feel like the transition from Milan to becoming. A warrior becoming a bad ass. It does I mean, let me just put this out there and say, okay. This movie is captain. Marvel. A little bit? Yes. Absolutely. All right. So it's Captain Marvel. It's not really Moo- long because Milan is about a girl who trains yes and proves that she could be as good as the boys and eventually like wins over everybody in this movie is. Like Captain Marvel somebody who who has immense power that's doesn't recognize her own power and then she just has to say I am carol she's also she's also ray from star. Wars see already has the fourth right there. I say the words Mary Sue from Ray, but she's like exactly in the movie she trains she does get a little help from Moo Shu at times what she doesn't have this cheap power that they have her in this movie it's difference it just takes a little bit of dimension out of the the heroes. Any No And the thing is, okay. We could say that Shit and be like your fucking whatever. There's already a movie of Alon showed you better. Shows you it's better. So it's like we know that that's better because we've seen it. So it's not like just saying, Oh, well, you know whatever there is precedent for it. So that's why a lot of people pointed it out. So they're so and the and also there's this moments that don't feel as like epic as like when in the cartoon on cuts her hair and it's like out big outputs on our father's armor up and the father runs out and he's in the rain and after her not to go here, it's just like she picks up a sword and then she's in the armor. And it's edited. So the editing in this movie the. Cut A lot of stuff out in this. Hour's long this fucking moved. There's things that like just happen and there's no context for it. So she goes down they don't show up putting the arm ranch got the arm on, and then the parents wake up she's gone and then there's that other scene where she's in the battlefield. And she all of a sudden is behind the mountain shooting people with Arrows. You don't know how she got there she just. Here's the flank move rugs she flanked them, but it was just up there. Yeah. There's a lot of weird editing of things in I think it was beautifully. Shot Cinematography was really epic grand in us and everything was like beautifully arranged in designed by feel like it wherever edited this movie chop the Shit Outta me apply. So way it really put a damper on the so. You have a I. Don't get the bad guy in this film oricon. No not be not on the did the witch the witch is kind of she goes back and forth. Yeah. There's a wish addition. So yes, she that's another thing that's not in the original Milan was that was the hawk, but the Hawk never turned into a witch so This. Lady is trying to convince her to join her darth vader. Yeah. Yeah. We can be ruled the world together. She has the same powers has the same power women above Blah. She's like we don't have to be borne cons pets so we can take over. Yes. So it was just a weird bad guy. Yeah, and it was just like a weird thing like she was. Trying she why she she was she not aware of this person against and she all purchase. Now we could team up I just didn't get it just didn't make enough sense I like on though he is bad ask Dude Jason Scali.

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