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John patch Jilin said loan, and I'm daisy Charlotte pick up the phone and give us a call. And of course, if you've got a questionnaire comment for Tim link were speaking with him about his book talking with dogs and cats joining the conversation to improve behavior in bond with your animals, and congratulations to our buddy George out there and Otello Washington and his dog Mojo, and he wanted to say, hi, George Albert love you you're doing. Well, hope you dogs doing great. And it's always great to hear from you. And congratulations on getting the book by Jim link. I know you're going to enjoy it. So Tim as we're talking about the book and everything like that. How how did you feel about it in the beginning? When you started being able to see things and understand things in and listen to dogs and cats and other things I mean, did it kinda freak you out. Well, I tell you it was it was definitely surprised and I went through a series of emotions to while. This is really cool. This is really strange when I first started connecting with them and communicating I thought, you know, I must be on a roll here at made you should go to Vegas place. A lottery ticket. Something's going on here. Me too. Yeah. Exactly. They can just give me the winning numbers. I'd be okay. But yeah, I think is something I got into gradually. You know? I I wanna make sure what I was receiving was accurate in knew what to do with it. And how could you good with it to help people in their animals? And so I started working with my own animals building getting a little bit more information and more trust in what I'm receiving a later became part of an animal healing ministry at my church. And then later became president of a humane society here in the greater Georgia area to give me more and more opportunities. And you know, they're really there was a time where the word got out and knew the work that I did and how he's helping people with their animals in all types of different ways. As far as a bonding with each other communicate with each other grief counseling missing animals, so the word got out. And so, you know, the emails game this call came, and I just want to make a decision that was was this something is real and I needed to work with it. And this is my. Purpose for being here. Or is this something I should keep quiet because you know, it's a lot easier to to stay in the shadows step forward, and I left my twenty year career Calcott behind and started my wagging tails business, and and it looked back. How old are you? Right now. I'm becky. I'm sorry. I missed it. My mid fifties. Really? I was wrong on that. Because I you've got a very young voice. So and I was like you've accomplished you're young age. Yeah. Thanks. What do I think things where you know? I think gifts I think we all have gifts. I think we all have purposes of all sorts, and we have identified what that is. And that doesn't always come when you're young sometimes we struggle through life as humans trying to figure out why we really here, and we'll up to it and let the universe decide that for purpose for being here will present itself. And once it does whether you're young or old, you should should go with it. And I think you're going to have a much more fulfilled life and do a lot better things in the world. And how did your friends and family react to everything that you did destroying your job and going with your gut, which is excellent. Because your advice is amazing in what you do is amazing. Yeah. I think you know, it's been a mixed bag. You know, we'll say early on that there were some that could not deal with it didn't understand. It didn't want to understand it and chose to move on. There are others that sort of put it in a basket that they could understand. So, you know, they say you're like a dog trainer guy or gal you so you do dog training like, no, no, I really don't. But. Okay. If that's what you have to present yourself to deal with it. Then that's fine. But I think the key thing behind it is as people come and go in your life. You know, they're here for a season in reason and lifetime and the ones that are here for lifetime are very few. Let's say you should treasure them. But the rest of them you have to bless and move on. Because you realize that you're in a different place in in your life and your purpose for being here. And so it's going to open up more opportunities for people to come your way. So I found myself quickly surrounded by people that wanted to be, you know, believe in what I do. And and to have me help them out. So it's it's much different than it used to be. But I think it's much grander than it ever been. We're going to give away one more books. So if somebody calls right now number three.

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